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Jon Soul Pours His Artistry Into Newest Single "Catch Me"

Jon Soul is a R&B artist from Toronto, Canada who is not unfamiliar to the music scene. Jon Soul has been writing his own music since age 11 and he has been working on his craft ever since. Jon Soul and his music are inspired by life events pertaining matters close to the heart, which is demonstrated tastefully and consistently throughout all of his music. Jon Soul connects with his listeners through his heart felt music on an emotional level as they can relate to similar experiences. This is done through his smooth sound and deep lyrics that leaves listeners in their feels. Just to name a few of his favorite artists that inspire him to create the music that he does includes Musiq Soulchild, Maxwell, Bobby Cadwell, Al Green, and Ne-yo.

Jon Soul’s latest release is titled “Catch Me”. “Catch Me” is about a breathtaking girl who has the stole the heart of Jon. “Your eyes make me believe in heaven, your body is my tempo baby, your mind is my new religion, all I believe in is you” is my favorite verse from the song because it shows the sensuality, vulnerability, and excitement that people experience while falling in love. Listening to “Catch Me” makes you relive the wonderful, provocative roller-coaster of experiencing love.

We recommend that you add "Catch Me" to your playlist to experience Jon Soul’s genius work!

Keep reading for Jon Soul's exclusive interview.

Hey Jon! Great to chat with you. Did growing up in Toronto have an impact on your musical career? What's the music industry like there?

Growing up in toronto was a major impact in my musical career, it has made me the man I am today. the city is filled with people from all over so you learn about various cultures, and I releaized that no matter where your from what colour your skin is we all love and get hurt by love the same way so I decided that I wanted to write love songs. The music industry in toronto i feel is picking up theres alot of talent out here, just harder to get your shot but if you do you'll have the city behind you, toronto is very proud of it's people succeeding

What inspired you to start writing and creating music?

My family loves music so my love for it came from there, we all love to sing at home but I gotta give the most credit to my brother he made me listen to alot of R&B & hip hop growing up and I fell in love with R&B, I just wanted to be a singer as a kid and I thought every artist wrote their own music so I told myself if I was going to be a singer I had to write my own lyrics, I started at 11 and I've been writing ever since.

What was your inspiration behind your new single “Catch Me”?

My inspiration was love, the process of it having the courage to go up to a girl and talking to them, then having to the courage to ask her out on and hope if you fall for them they're willing to catch you

What makes “Catch Me” different from the other songs you've released?

Catch me is a story it's the start of a new relationship, that new love like I said early it's the process of getting into a relationship with someone, it's not simple and that's why I try to make music for any stage of love you're going through, from that new love, to a love that's run its course, or holding on to something when you should be letting go. So I guess you can say it's different from my other songs cause it's coming from a different point of a relationship, where as my other songs are different stories

What's next for you through 2019?

For 2019 I just want to make more content, create music videos, perform as much as I can and hopefully people can relate or connect to the music I make that's all I've ever wanted, for people to turn to my music when loves either hurt them or has changed their world for the best. 


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