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Jon Stancer Releases Intimate Notions In, “These Arms (Won’t Let You Go)”

Toronto-based alt-pop/rock songwriter Jon Stancer exhibits a cohesive aesthetic that is both hooky and haunting. Announcing the release of his emotionally abstract EP, 'In Light Of,' the collection of six songs will come to his fan base on January 21st.

In a unique position as a musician, he is still a new artist as a solo entity, but he is also a lifelong musician and songwriter. Presenting the album's latest single titled, "These Arms (Won't Let You Go)," the dynamism that hails from this piece is chalked full of heartrending ambiance and intricate production. The striking composition nuzzles into our ears and hearts as we grasp onto the reverberated croons that elusively cascade upon the memorable instrumentation.

In a field of robust harmonies that linger in our headspace with longevity, the way that they coincide with the heartbeat-like pulses of the sparse percussion opens up our souls for the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. Progressing with intensity as this masterpiece bears a grippingly raw nature, the various components that continue to ramp up the bolstered essence of "These Arms (Won't Let You Go)," have us anticipating the triumphant peak that has us feeling liberating hues down to our core.

Picking us up before gently easing us into the final moments of the record, the overall essence of this brilliant creation tours us through nostalgia as Jon Stancer pins the loss of his children's innocence as they grow into independent young adults.

Allowing us to feel a profound cocoon of wistful energy, we greatly look forward to the January release of 'In Light Of.'

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Jon, and congratulations on the release of “These Arms (Won’t Let You Go)." What inspired you to make this song one of the featured singles on your upcoming EP? Thank you very much. I had a special feeling about “These Arms” as I was writing it. I knew it was strong. And then once recorded, I thought it stood out as one of the more unique and moving tracks on the record. What's the deeper message in "These Arms (Won't Let You Go)"? What do you hope your audience will take away from it? It’s to do with navigating and managing our fear of the unknown. There are far more uncertainties than certainties in life, and we can only guarantee one another so much. I happened to be thinking of my kids, and what lies ahead for them as they become more independent and eventually confront the world. But it could just as easily have been about my aging parents or a sibling or friend in need. That compulsion to hold close and protect those dear to us is instinctual in everyone, and becomes greater as life progresses, changes, and challenges us. That promise of ongoing, unconditional love and support; that assurance, is one of the few dependable safety nets beneath life’s tenuous tightrope. And it gives us added stability and greater confidence in facing whatever potential obstacles, hardships, or perils that we’ll inevitably encounter. I thought it was a relatable premise. And the hope for any song is that there’s something in it that resonates - maybe because it involves a shared experience, or projects a mutual perception or feeling - and ultimately prompts some kind of emotional response. We know your new album delves into some pretty heavy themes. Can you tell us about some of the topics you explore on 'In Light Of?' What message are you most eager to convey with this release? Another writer recently remarked that there is a “wistful optimism” about the record, and I liked hearing that because there was some intent toward getting that across. I wasn’t in the best of places emotionally while writing these songs. But I certainly wasn’t thinking or feeling like a doomsayer. The notion that there is always a light somewhere amidst the darkness, however seemingly distant or difficult to find… I’d say that would be the best possible message to take from it. As an artist, what have been some challenges that you've had to overcome when balancing the art vs. the business side of the industry? Well, artists really need to be able to place their trust in other people. And it’s not always so easy to gauge who or what you may be dealing with, and sometimes you take a leap of faith, and sometimes, things can go awry. None of this is revelatory. There is certainly a great disingenuousness among many on the business side. I’ve come to expect certain people to be full of shit. And I don’t like thinking that way. But certain experiences, even some conversations, have led me to that. And so I’ve had to become more guarded about who I seek and choose to work and network with and rely upon. What are you most looking forward to in 2022? Well, that would be the release of my new record, “In Light Of”, available on streaming platforms and other internet places on January 21st. But, there are a few other big days I look forward to throughout the year… There’s “National Dress Up Your Pet Day” on Jan 14. I don’t actually have a pet. I just enjoy gazing bemusedly at people who dress up their pets. There’s “Honesty Day” - I love too, that this exists - on April 30 and then on May 1, “Loyalty Day” (I try to observe these two in tandem). And finally, “National Absurdity Day” on Nov 20 (obviously).

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