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Jon Tyler Wiley And His Virginia Choir Make A Rallying Cry For Mindfulness On Their New Release, “Mission”

It’s all too easy to be absorbed in your electronics today.

Drawing inspiration from folk legends like Dylan and Prine, Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir have managed the impressive task of carving a niche for themselves, even within a competitive music industry.

This innocent project would quickly become something greater, formed initially by a group of friends who would play cover songs together in a tavern. As they continue to light up the scene one song at a time, these talented musicians are definitely ones to watch for the future.

Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed album “Pictures in the Dark,” Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir have once again proved that they are some of the most inspired in the business. At eight tracks long, “Pictures in the Dark” is a wonderful blend of dynamic lyricism, vivid imagery, and irony. The album is filled with magic and charm when you combine great artistic vision with the ability and temperament not to take yourself too seriously.

In an era where screens dictate our every move, Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir beckon us to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the world through their latest single, “Mission.” Starting with a piano and fiddle intro that immediately immerses you in a soundscape of Americana goodness, “Mission” captivates from the instant it begins.

As Wiley puts his iconic vocals to use on lines like “ Get yourself a brand new mission / Throw away your television,” Wiley and His Virginia Choir sing out a rallying cry for mindfulness and presence in a world consumed by digital noise.

Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir remain one of the scene's most intriguing and charming Americana acts today. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream their latest release, “Mission,” on all majour streaming platforms. Check out their album ‘Pictures in the Dark,’ which is now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Jon Tyler Wiley (and your Virginia Choir)! We loved “Mission,” and we had to ask, what made you decide on this as the lead single for “Pictures in the Dark?"

Thanks for having me! This song got stuck in my head while I was working on it. I’d be walking around, humming the chorus at all hours of the day. That’s always a good sign, right? Plus, I think that the band really knocked it out of the park with the arrangement of this song. There’s elements of rock, country, there’s fiddle, there’s synth. It became really representative of the album as a whole, even as one of the last songs we finished.

What was your favorite part of the creative process for seeing “Mission” come to life?

I had been kicking the song around on an acoustic guitar for months, but the moment I brought it to the band, the first time we did a run-through, the keys, and fiddle came up with their intro. It felt so natural like it already existed, but I would never have imagined that intro without the band.

What has been your favorite musical memory together as a group?

A memory that sticks out for sure: we played a festival in Wisconsin last year, and I saw someone in the front row singing along. A few hours later, I ran into that person on the street, and they grabbed me by the shoulders, hugged me, and thanked me for playing their favorite song. It’s always nice to know your art is having a positive, real effect on people.

What goals do you want to achieve through your music?

More moments like that moment in Wisconsin! I want to see our music connect with people. I’d love to perform in all 50 states. We’re a pretty young band, so we’re at 12 right now. The main thing, however, is that I want to get better. I want to write better songs and be a better, more expressive guitar player. Hopefully, the more we do it, the farther we will push ourselves towards that.

What does music mean to you, and is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

It’s the ultimate form of communication. I love the chance to write stories and then tell those stories with my band. For those that call themselves fans, first, I say ‘THANK YOU,’ but secondly, I’d want them to know that the best is yet to come!


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