Jon Worthy's "She's Alright" Is a Rock 'n' Roll Number That Grabs Hold of Your Hips and Won't Let Go

"She's Alright" is the type of song anyone could get the swing of. With a riffing guitar, and a steadfast drummer holding the rhythm, Jon Worthy sets the stage for some classic rock 'n' roll rhetorics that shuffle rather than jog on their way to the music charts.

As Jon Worthy partners his saturated croons with echoing tails, he describes the emotionally unavailable woman pulling at his heartstrings with a contrastingly cherubic and upbeat combination of earthy drums, a warm-saturated bass, and some rigid electrics. They work in tandem to hold the mid-tempo affair in line as Jon Worthy hopscotches from blinded, self-mending pre-choruses ("it's alright, it's ok, she's alright, she's ok,") to stage jouncing hooks. Throughout the steady driving cadence, Jon Worth blindly purrs over his unashamed lover with the rackets of a full-piece rock-band gyrating from behind, urging listeners to swing their hips as he roars, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" The band never waivers inside the super-charged atmospheres they diffuse their surroundings with, and as Jon Worthy chaperones "She's Alright" electric energy to its ends, the wide pre-choruses and roaring hooks start to draw reminiscence to the alternative sounds of Cage the Elephant.

It's a time-less piece from the seasoned troubadour and an unsurprising performance from the man who has worked 121 shows last year alone.