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Jon Worthy & the Bends Rekindle Classic Rock Flames with “Shake Shake”

January 28 -- Jon Worthy & the Bends just released a chill, classic rock single with electronic undertones called “Shake Shake.” The band was discovered at FM Bar in Jersey City, New Jersey where they performed for consecutive nights. Corey Zack had approached Jon Worthy & the Bends after one of their sets and invited them to record a song at his studio – a tradition he had when he enjoyed out of town bands. The band ended up recording “Shake Shake,” which was written 2 weeks prior, with mixing help from Corey. Jon Worthy & the Bends are also set to release a music video for the song in the spring and if it's as good and juicy as the song itself, then we're all in for a real treat.

"Shake Shake" is a fusion of classic-rock with electronic house dance elements. “Shake Shake” has a typical rock-and-roll style backtrack of a repetitive drum beat and electronic melody. The vocals are raspy with a nonchalant tone and are maintained within a comfortable range. Lyrically, Jon Worthy & the Bends address the unpredictability of life. The band continues to paint a picture of enjoying their lives through the uncertainty. The story of how “Shake Shake” came to be released is a perfect example of Jon Worthy & the Bends living on a whim and embracing every new opportunity. With their new release, Jon Worthy & the Bends promote a carefree attitude towards the unpredictability of life.

Listen to "Shake Shake" here.


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