Jonathan Cilia Faro Astonishes Listeners With an Intense Vocal Presence

Sicily-born recording artist Jonathan Cilia Faro is truly a voice of power. His music has always been empowering and offered up a climactic experience for us as listeners. As an artist who has been involved in the music scene for over two decades, Jonathan Cilia Faro ultimately cultivated his voice and musical persona in the best way possible. His sound is refined, delicate, yet intensely strong. There's absolutely no way you won't realize the true and authentic expertise Jonathan Cilia Faro brings to the table with his voice. Giving his music one listening to, you'll understand the stamina and devotion in his artistry. Jonathan Cilia Faro has already released a multitude of albums throughout his career thus far, and he isn't slowing down for anyone. His music continues to be heard, spread around, and enjoyed by many! "A Plan That I'm Going" was the last album listeners have heard from Jonathan Cilia Faro so far, but this holiday season saw one particular release from this artist!

Jonathan Cilia Faro has done a beautiful manifestation of a holiday single "Grown-Up Christmas List" during this past holiday season. The track features the luscious vocal tones of Jonathan Cilia Faro, and further display his intense vocal range to listeners. His voice throughout the song completely maintains it's passion and vigor, ensuring for a dramatic and operatic listening experience. The deep and creamy texture of Jonathan Cilia Faro's voice is incredibly captivating. We feel that a Christmas single is the perfect place for his voice to be heard, as he offers an intense effect of all sensations possible. We're looking for more of these sensational effects during the 2020 year from Jonathan Cilia Faro!

Listen to "Grown-Up Christmas List" here.

Hello, Jonathan Cilia Faro! Thanks for taking the time to come on BuzzMusic and talk about your music. Now that you're celebrating 20 years of music, what are some of the artistic accomplishments that have really stuck with you since you've begun your artistic journey?

It’s my pleasure. I would say my biggest artistic accomplishments have come when I perform in front of audiences who are not used to the magic of Opera, and when I see and hear their reactions to my music and afterward speaking with them and finding out about their surprise and appreciation of the classics and the way I bring them to the modern world.

The word accomplishment for an artist is always subjective, mine is earning the respect and friendship of my peers. Recently I have the honor of not only working with but also developing close relationships with Alan Parsons and Jed Leiber both of whom I greatly admire.

"Grown-Up Christmas List" was one song that this past holiday season saw from you. When recording this song, how did you ensure the necessary passion and fervor was manifested? Do you ever find it difficult to manifest a certain emotion needed to record a particular song?

When I chose “Grown-Up Christmas List” I did so because I strongly believe in the message it brings, I wanted a holiday song that spoke about our world and our place in it. I related to those lyrics and therefore the emotions were all there from the beginning. I am a very sensitive person and most of the time my voice portrays and is affected by my mood. When recording music, I try to put myself into the story that the song tells and that often times helps to generate the emotions that carry me through the piece.

The past 20 years have seen many albums and single releases from you! Regarding each of your albums, which album within the past two decades did you resonate most with? Which album did your listening base resonate most with, in terms of analytics?

This is a tough one because each song and each album is a labor of love. I think that my very first album even though it was my least successful one in terms of sales called “Sempre Vicino A Me” which translates as “Always Close to Me” which I released in 1996. This album is still a source of great memories. Even when recently I recorded at Capital Studios in LA and used Frank Sinatra’s microphone, I brought with me the memory of that tiny studio back in Sicily where it all first began. My most recent album “From Now On” which I released in 2019 has been very well received by my listeners. I believe this album shows my fans more of myself as each song tells a separate story that brings me closer to my audience. This is also my most modern album in terms of style and song choice.

Were there any goals that you have yet to accomplish as an artist? Do you think that you've hit all of the ambitions you've set for yourself artistically since starting out or are there more left to reach? 

One of the things on my creative bucket list is a duet with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. I believe they are the two artists that are not only amazing talents but would also compliment me height wise :) There are definitely more things that I would like to accomplish. One of them is to bring the pop-symphonic style into the mainstream. I believe we need to take the stigma away from the word “Opera”. Opera is simply a story told through the music. I would like to have the opportunity to express myself by blending my style with the style of other musicians of different genres thus expanding the reach of Opera. Today it is very hard to find artists who are brave enough to take the risk of creating and performing new types of music, I am one of those artists. In my opinion “the best is yet to come”.

Thank you, Jonathan Cilia Faro! We appreciate the time. Where can listeners expect your sound to flow from here?

The only thing I can reveal at this time is that I am currently recording at The Nightbird Studios in LA and this new project with Jed Leiber will surprise the music world and my fans.