JONES Sizzles With Hip-Hop Release, “Fired up”

From Chattanooga Tennessee, Brad Jones writes and performs hip hop songs under the name JONES. At a young age, he looked to music as an escape from many childhood struggles. He shows his fans that he’s able to persevere through the hard times and, through his music, is able to share that strength with his army “The Ones.” He has been working tirelessly to create new music and has just released a single called “Fired Up” to be soon followed by a tribute to his fans called “The Ones.”

“Fired Up” has an introduction of fast-paced guitar plucking that acts as a “drum roll” for what is about to start. JONES does not hold back with his vocals; he kicks off with rapid-fire lyrics from the very beginning. The background guitar melody switches to electronic sounds, and a trap beat remains consistent throughout the entirety of “Fired Up”. JONES has a fast rapping style comparable to the likes of legendary rappers Eminem and Busta Rhymes. The backtrack continues to build, creating a motivational effect. Moments before the beat hits hard during the chorus, JONES highlights his slower vocals by cutting the beat. The passionate, high energy chorus begins soon after and “Fired Up” anyone who listens. Lyrically, JONES has made “Fired Up” a song about self-confidence, power, and motivation. For anyone looking for a song that immediately takes you to the next level – JONES has created a flaming track that is “Fired Up.”

Listen to "Fired Up" here.