JONES Turns Up the Heat with Fast-Paced Hip Hop Single, "Identity Crisis"

Hip/Hop artist JONES hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and plans to show listeners that his feverous passion never fades out. Undergoing various hardships throughout his life, JONES only uses his misfortune to propel his mindset and current way of life. Pursuing the music industry not too long ago, JONES has a crystal-clear focus on what it is he's wanting to build. His most recent music proves this entirely, as JONES set out to craft music that is not only compelling and fierce but music that shares a personal and important narrative.

JONES released his anticipated single, "Identity Crisis," and we're absolutely living with it. The track begins with that quality high-energy that JONES is known to emulate in almost every one of his songs. The wordplay on JONES is quite insane, and once you give this contemporary Hip/Hop artist a listen to, you'll pick up on this almost right away. "Identity Crisis" provides similar energy for artists such as Eminem and primarily due to the pace of the track. "Identity Crisis" will have any listener stimulated in one way or another, which is a desirable trait of JONES. He hones in on that ability to captivate listeners with his interesting power dynamics presented in the song. JONES showcases impressive flow, and we've mentally noted that this artist will be able to arouse and vitalize us in many different ways.

There's no doubt that "Identity Crisis" got listeners' hearts going! Would you say that this assertively expressive style you've acquired was something that felt natural to you, or was it a character meant to be crafted for your music?

Identity Crisis, as a song, is meant to be a continuation of my story from my first album “Where I’m Going”.  The last album discussed heavy topics like anxiety, depression, and addiction and what it was like for me to go through that period in my life. “Identity Crisis” is the introduction to the next chapter of the story. The aggressive style of rapping in the song is one I felt was necessary to fit the feel of the instrumental and the emotion I wanted listeners to feel. I want to take the listeners on my journey with me into this next chapter of my artistry because it is not just “my story”. It is “our” story. 

Would you say that you're the kind of artist to share personal narratives throughout your music? Was "Identity Crisis" a personal narrative for you?

Absolutely. I pour myself into my music. If you listen to the songs I write you’re going to hear the good and the bad. The ups and downs. Good times and bad times. I am a firm believer that as people, we all have a need to express ourselves and connect with other’s who understand what we are going through. I feel like the only way I can speak my truth/message to my fans is if I write music that is deeply personal and authentic. The world needs more authenticity. Identity Crisis was meant to be a narrative about the place I was at in my life during “Where I’m Going” and where I’m at now. I discuss coming from having no fans to almost 100k monthly listeners on Spotify through hard work. I talk about how internet trolls like to tear other people down online and how that can affect us mentally. I discuss how I fought to get sober and that now life seems very different. I used to numb my feelings and hide from my issues through my addiction. Now that I’m through that place in my life I see the world very differently, and in some ways, I am relearning to live again and navigate the world through a sober lens. Identity Crisis is meant to be the start of that story I will tell throughout my next album. 

Compared to other music you've released; how do you feel that "Identity Crisis" complements the overall theme that seems to present itself within your career as a music artist thus far?

In terms of the theme of my music, I can say I don’t think “Identity Crisis” deviates from that. It is a continuation. I feel like telling my audience what I have been through in my music that I can give hope to them. They can know that they aren’t alone in what they are feeling. They aren’t alone in life. Somebody knows what they are going through. If the honesty I express in my lyrics connects and gives somebody who is struggling hope then I’ve done my job as an artist. I want to inspire and give hope. No matter how life hits you, or how far you’ve fallen, I want to encourage people to get back up and keep putting one foot in front of the other. My music is meant to speak to people like me. I call my fans “The Ones” because we are a family who care about, understand, and help one another through the dark times. 

Where are you hoping to go with your sound now that "Identity Crisis" has been released to the masses?

Fans should definitely expect to hear more of this aggressive style, quick flows, wordplay, and more passion than ever. However, I also am striving to be more vulnerable in my music now. I want to connect with people on all levels. I would be nowhere without the support from my fans and those who believe in me. Their constant encouragement and motivation is what fuels me to keep pushing my pen harder and give them the best I can offer in my music. Expect much more to come from me…..I’m just getting warmed up. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has been an insane year, hasn’t it? The overwhelming support and encouragement from my fanbase has motivated and inspired me to work harder than I ever have at my craft. I feel like, especially in these times of sickness and divisiveness in our country, that we all need somebody to let us know they care. I hope my music can help get some people through this time. My fans know, I’m an open book, so anytime you want to shoot me a message or tell me anything feel free. We are all a family. We are the Ones.