Jonny Jontay Tells Us All About Her In “Sexy Thang”

Jonny Jontay is a 19 year old rapper born and raised in Broward County, Florida. From humble and comfortable beginnings, Jonny began like most up and coming rappers and fine-tuned his craft in highschool. After highschool he is still fondly remembered for his entertainment and expert bars. Jonny remained humble, even through his undeniable talent and establishing his craft from the ground up. Always setting new goals, Jonny Jontay is constantly improving his delivery, live performance and self-production. 

Jonny Jontay’s latest single “Sexy Thang” is a hard-hitting and catchy track. It’s upbeat tempo and heavy bass makes it a true summer smash. The sexual and seductive hit, “Sexy Thang” is a track all about Jonny’s ideal woman. He spits verses that paint a picture in the listeners mind to further personify her. “Sexy Thang” is a track filled with desire and details that all listeners can relate to and vibe to. The backbeat and production are flawless and the intricacy of Jonny’s lyricism is fascinating. Jonny Jontay is a star on the rise and the one to watch!

Check out “Sexy Thang” here and read more with Jonny below!

Hey Jonny Jontay! When did you start writing songs? How did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?

I started writing full songs in high school. I pursued this because its something I'm good at.

Your new track “Sexy Thang” is so sensual! We have to know who inspired this song?

A lot of girls inspired  this track.  The reason for that is their is so many beautiful women in the world.

Tell us more about the writing process of “Sexy Thang”!

When I made sexy thang I was thinking about relationships that a good man should have with a women.  So when I was listening to the beat the first bar I thought of was, you one sexy thang.  So when I made the song I didn't buy the beat.  I then went to the studio were they made a custom beat to the song.  Then I recorded and that was it.  

What’s your favorite lyric in the track “Sexy Thang”? 

You can make a scene.

What’s next for you Jonny Jontay?

Making more music. 


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