Jordan D'Sena Gets Real and Raw About Love in "Silhouette"

Heartfelt Australian singer/songwriter Jordan D'Sena is here to articulate the modernized perspective surrounding failed love in his debut single release, "Silhouette". Adhering to the pop genre, Jordan D'Sena's sound is blended with various acoustics, emotions, and experiences, leaving listeners full of warmth. "Silhouette" portrays the defeating moments of Jordan D'Sena in an intimate way, exposing his most authentic feelings to all listening ears.

"Silhouette" begins with a sweet melody that captures an incredibly charming soundscape. Jordan D'Sena's soft-sounding vocals gracefully intertwine into the rhythm, and his tender-like voice creates a charismatic presence. "Silhouette," tells the story of disappointment--one where a love interest has gone cold and quiet. The emotion that years from Jordan D'Sena's voice is extremely convincing; he years for a connection that has faded. Heartbreak unravels and not receiving that care and effort creates emotional havoc that can be overwhelming in itself. "Silhouette" is Jordan D'Sena's explanation of the modern-day relationship and the emotional turmoil that results from many of them.

There's a powerful sense of vulnerability that Jordan D'Sena displays in "Silhouette". If you read between the lines, Jordan D'Sena shows he is comfortable with expressively sharing his defeats, which allows listeners to connect with him as an artist on a deeper level. Take the plunge into Jordan D'Sena's heart and listen to "Silhouette", available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jordan D'Sena. "Silhouette" is the modern-day explanation of a failed love interest. Was the song inspired by personal experience, and if so, how would you describe the songwriting experience?

Hey Buzz LA! Yes, it was! You will notice in some of the lyrics in the verses it almost has a little bit of a story/narrative that you need to know before the next lyric comes in, lyrics like - 'Turn on the TV' and 'Tryna stay busy' lines in the second verse. Those two lyrics in particular pretty much started the songwriting process for me. I was actually sitting at home on the couch with my guitar trying to keep busy from a love interest that had gone cold. I was also smashing Dean Lewis' - A Place We Knew album at the time and the song skeleton came out in a couple of hours on the couch! I then demoed it and worked on it with a couple of friends and I am super happy with how it turned out.

What were you hoping listeners would learn from "Silhouette?" Do you often embed takeaway messages in your music or do you prefer open interpretation on your listener's ends?

I hope listeners can't find light in the release. Everyone goes through a break-up or some sort of hardship with a relationship and I would hope that listeners are able to connect with the lyrics from their personal experiences. You will notice in the lyrics at the end and the last chorus that the lines change from 'if I call you in the morning' to 'If I called you up this morning' - I think by the end of the song there is a resolution where you know you can't really change anything and it is just what it is. In the end, you just have to move on!

Do you consider yourself an artist that is comfortable with sharing raw, unfiltered emotional experiences with your listeners?

This is a hard one! It's hard to feel comfortable, I am quite a shy person but as an artist and releasing any original music you are always putting yourself out there. Silhouette is definitely one of the rawest unfiltered songs I've written but also from the previous question I hope listeners can make their own connection and open interpretation from the song!

Where do you see your sound taking off from here? Can listeners expect similar releases to that of "Silhouette?"

Yes they can, I love writing and singing that raw acoustic singer-songwriter vibe, it's where music started for me! Listeners should expect similar, however, one of my new songs recorded is a little bit rockier and I think it bridges the gap between Silhouette's raw acoustic pop vibe and a bit of a heavier alt-rock song, so I am excited to share that one down the track. What's next for you?

I've got a couple of other songs recorded and mixed, so I am working on release plans for those for the back-end of 2021. I am also about to hit the studio to record another new song too!