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Jordan Hart Holds Our Hearts With His Tender Release, "Only Pieces of the Truth"

From Alberta to Toronto, the emotive artist and singer-songwriter Jordan Hart releases his latest vulnerable and ear-pleasing single with, "Only Pieces of the Truth."

After embarking on a 100-day busking challenge around Toronto with all proceeds donated to L'Arche Canada, Jordan Hart culminated the stamina to perform a sold-out show at Toronto's Great Hall. Now signed to Believe Digital and All Points (UK), Jordan Hart is currently gearing up for his debut EP's release, available next month.

Singing for the vulnerable through his recent single, "Only Pieces of the Truth," Jordan Hart also released an equally compelling music video that tells a highly conceptual and emotional story. Speaking upon the song itself, Jordan Hart sings a tale of wanting to repair a relationship but not having the courage to show his vulnerable side.

Listening to "Only Pieces of the Truth," a serene electric guitar melody softly opens the piece alongside Jordan Hart's ethereal vocals, soothingly singing of his melancholy state surrounded by inner demons. Reaching the hook, an angelic female vocal accompanies Jordan Hart while they sing of wishing to express emotions without words.

Moving through the piece, an enchanting down-tempo instrumental floats us through sonic tranquility, meeting up with Jordan Hart's modern rhythmic approach at the bridge. Ending the piece with vast passion and emotion, we highly encourage our readers to experience this song's calming atmosphere and relatable concepts.

Discover Jordan Hart's chilling single "Only Pieces of the Truth" on all streaming platforms, and find the equally moving music video available on YouTube.

Hello Jordan Hart and welcome to BuzzMusic. We deeply enjoyed the emotional depth of your recent single, "Only Pieces of the Truth." What was your inspiration behind this single?

Thank you, I’m glad it resonated with you! The song was inspired by the feeling of loving someone deeply through a veil of pride. Have you ever been in a situation with someone you love where a history of little arguments and rough patches result in you being guarded around each other? This song explores the extent of that feeling where two lovers who both care passionately about each other are struggling to let go of their own pride and resentment to reconnect to the way they once were. It was specifically inspired by a couple in my life that I am close to, but all of the moments resonate through my own similar experiences.

What messages did you want to convey to listeners through your songwriting within "Only Pieces of the Truth?”

I hope that this song helps people feel seen. I know that it explores a topic that is rarely spoken about, but I feel like many of us can relate to the struggle of being fully vulnerable with someone we care about. I hope the music helps people reach a state of peace and vulnerability within themselves and that the sweeping melodies land inside of them in a way that makes this their song as much as it is mine.

What was it like creating the music video for "Only Pieces of the Truth?”

The experience was incredible! I got to work with Julia Hendrickson who happens to be my favorite music video director that I’ve ever seen! The concept came together organically and naturally and everyone on the team played their part with intentionality and excitement.

Could you take us through the concepts and story within your music video for "Only Pieces of the Truth?”

A few days before my first official single release, I was playing the song on a street corner and was blown away when an incredible dancer (Josh Cezar), who happened to be walking by, joined in and began to improvise to the music in front of a crowd of people who stopped to watch and listen (here is a video from one of the people watching). Immediately after officially releasing this song and the single that followed, I was surprised again by a lot of incredible contemporary dancers and choreographers, such as Tom Richardson from the Broadway Dance Centre in New York, who were inspired to work with the songs. After seeing this organic, international collaborative movement forming and after noticing the way that dance accentuated the stories within the songs, I knew that I wanted to explore it in my first official music video. Conceptually, we wanted to explore the line between the purely natural and slightly distorted or manipulated which mirrors elements of the story and production of Only Pieces of the Truth. The old, abandoned mansion in the city of Toronto where we shot this video, feels like a perfect representation of this to me. It's decaying paint and old wood make it feel like space is being reclaimed by the natural world and the natural light that quietly exposes the dark abandoned rooms reminds me of our profound impermanence in the face of the vastness of the environment that surrounds us. The dancers wore little to no makeup and dressed very simply as to contrast beautifully against this forgotten space that was once such a grand statement of human presence.

Should we expect more emotional and heartfelt songs like "Only Pieces of the Truth" within your debut EP next month?

Yes! The EP as a whole explores concepts that are all really close to my heart. I am specifically excited for the next video which is one of the most intimate and important pieces of art that I have ever been a part of creating️. Can’t wait to share it with you!



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