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Jordan Hawkins Revitalizes R&B With New Single “Lost"

We already know Jordan Hawkins is going to be a huge R&B artist within the music industry. There have been artists that have paved the way for exactly what R&B listeners need to hear. Once hearing Jordans story, you’ll understand how humble of an artist he is. From teaching himself all he has learned up to date in music, Jordan’s fiery passion for curating and producing tracks is blinding. Jordan presents to us a raw aspect of R&B that can’t be easily fabricated—he’s the real deal in our opinion, and we don’t doubt you BuzzMusic readers will think the same. 

Wow. Heavy Khalid, Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean vibes from Jordan Hawkins. He truly sounds like a mix of all three incredible artists—his voice glides across your senses like silk. Jordan Hawkins fits exactly what is needed in the market right now. Jordan is an artist that fits right into the R&B category that we all love, cherish, and wish we had more artists apart of that give us that certain tranquil melody upon listening. Jordan captivates the listener—when we put this on, we couldn’t just listen to “Lost” once, we had to keep playing that sound! Jordan isn’t the only artist appearing vocally in this song, as Jordan has a ghost haze feature in the single, and when we tell you BuzzMusic readers that their voices complement each other like no other pair of voices have, we aren’t exaggerating. Their voices blend together like two things that were meant to intertwine. Combined with a catchy underlying beat, we knew “Lost” was a serious hit when listening. A sound that deserves to be up in the charts. We can’t imagine not seeing more of Jordan Hawkins soon. 

Listen to "Lost" here and get to know more about Jordan Hawkins below!

Hey Jordan! Your voice is so pure and angelic, we could listen to it all day! What kind of environment do you want your listeners to be immersed in when they hear your voice?

Many of the songs that I write are written and recorded in my bedroom. I think the bedroom would be a fitting place for one to immerse themselves due to the intimacy, privacy and security of the space. There they can experience the music and be vulnerable without worries of the outside world. Second place I would say is the car. Driving around LA I often have a lot on mind and music in general helps me stabilize.

As an artist, what is the most important core value you hold true to yourself?

Consideration. I think being a good person is important. An important part of this is considering how our actions will impact others. 

What kind of struggles do you find you face when curating your music?

Relationship struggles, Financial struggles, School Struggles, Family Struggles ... a lot of struggles exist and inspire haha. I just continue to persevere. 

If you could collaborate with another R&B artist in the near future, who would you choose?

This is a tough question. I think my preferred R&B collaborate would be with Sabrina Claudio. I'm in love with her voice and her vibe. 

Do you have any plans to be releasing new music throughout the rest of the year?

Yes! I'm dropping a live recording music video in June and will be releasing an EP titled "warm" this summer also!


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