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Jordan Mosley Is Radiating With "Protector"

Originally starting his creative endeavors in Tacoma, Washing, Jordan Mosley started off

solely as a rapper, but later found that he was heavily inspired by classic jazz music which was hard for him to admit at the time.Jordan would perform at multiple shows across Seattle such as

Columbia City Theatre and Nectar Lounge. As an artist, Jordan was in constant pursuit to

implement a jazz influence in his music. Gaining momentum in the hip hop community, Jordan

would then land a spot on an artists’ notable mixtape. Though having internal conflicts between

rap and singing, Jordan stuck to singing.

Jazz is certainly an influence in Jordan’s music but not the genre entirely. His smooth

and silky vocals create an ambient sound along with the somewhat orchestral instrumental. "Protector" is a beautiful song showing the relationship between father and child and the role they have as their protector. The chorus is catchy yet soft and has a beautiful transition to the bridge where it comes to a climax where Jordan feels like he cannot protect his daughter the way he wants to as she is growing up quickly. A wholesome and heartfelt song is what Jordan brings to the table in the music industry wonderfully put together in song and visuals.

Give "Protector" a listen to, and add the track to your Spotify playlist.


Link with Jordan on his social media, and check out some interview questions with the artist below!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a singer-songwriter who originates from Tacoma, WA. Music is something that has always been a part of my life. My mother is a Jazz vocalist, her father was a Jazz bassist and both my two older brothers are music makers. The oldest being a composer and the second being a singer/songwriter. The music I make I call Strongman Music: Songs for Strong Lovers.

Why did you choose to focus primarily on singing vs rapping?

As much as I love rapping and loved it even more-so back then, singing just seemed to come more naturally to me and honestly made me feel so awesome when I did it. When I do it. It elates me in ways rapping didnʼt. I feel like Iʼm in my true element. Once I finally admitted that to myself, then that was that. I just completely love melody.

How long did it take you to write “Protector”? Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of it?

At the time when this song came about, I was a brand new dad and my heart was feeling heavy. But not in a sad kind of way but more of a “feeling deeply” kind of way. Sometimes overwhelmingly so. My perspective changed to a more protective frame of mind and all the happenings of the world just reenforced that way of thinking more and more. Since writing the song, Iʼve had three more kids, so with more kids and increasingly crazy things in this world that frame of mind has only increased as well. Sadly, there is a growing idea that relationships are second to aspirations: Get a career first- then get your person...or donʼt. I think a big part of that concept has come from absentee fathers and the degradation of family in todayʼs culture. Itʼs a very ME generation. But I think itʼs a reactive attitude to that degradation of family. The video for the song not only shows the power of a strong and present father, but the true power of family.

Real projection of love protects. It protects the loved, it protects the lover, and it protects the developments of that love. At all cost. Always.

Do the lyrics come first to you or the melody when writing songs?

For the most part, I donʼt write songs sitting down at a desk with a pad and pen working out chords, lyrics, and melody. Mostly, I have melodies that live in my head or lyrics that knock around in my head while I carry out other parts of life. I mean, life is what evokes me to write most the time anyway.

Has moving to LA given you a different perspective/sound on music? If yes, how?

LA is a funny place and much different from where I grew up. I love it though. Itʼs a place of creativity thatʼs for sure. Seeing the quality of what people put out here regarding the sonic aspect of it has made me step it up a few notches. With my sound and perspective on music, Iʼve always had it in my mind since I was young, but I think Iʼm just now being able to successfully transfer that from inside my head to actual music. Iʼve always heard it in my head but it was always hard to bring it to fruition in arrangement. I donʼt think my geographic location would have deterred me from trying to accomplish that.

What can we expect from you going through 2019?

Iʼm completing an 8 song EP which will include my latest release, “Protector” that Iʼll be releasing late spring. And from there doing shows. Music is made to affect. So when show time starts, please do come out and feel the affection.




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