Jordan Mosley Showcases Multi-Skill Set In “Summertime Dreamland”

Starting off his music endeavors in Tacoma, Washington, Jordan Mosley was solely a rapper and only did any singing at home, to himself. Never thinking he would develop into the R&B artit he is today. He listened to hip-hop with a studying ear, sharpening his craft. However, while taking breaks from all that he listened to nothing but classic jazz and standards. He wouldn’t admit it then, but Jordan found himself more in love with the voice of Ella than B.I.G. In his constant pursuit to implement jazz into his music without the familiar looped jazz samples that hip hop had already deeply implemented, Jordan started adding jazz melodies to his hooks. Jordan gave way in the internal tug-a-war between rapping and singing and ultimately decided to make singing he primary focus. In February 2019 Jordan Mosley independently dropped his new single “Protector”, alongside its music video directed by Trevor Stevens. 

Jordan Mosley’s next single “Summertime Dreamland” is an R&B wave of catchy melodies, layers of rhythmic textures and inspirationally emotional lyrics. The track starts off on a strong foot and continues to subtly work hard for your affection throughout. Jordan Mosley’s voice meanders through this R&B-style melody with a certain air of quiet confidence, it doesn’t overpower the clear emotion and authenticity in his voice, far from it. Managing to effectively balance organic musicianship, a clean, stylish vocal, an acoustic guitar outro, a spacious soundscape in general and flickers of electronic ambiance and personality, “Summertine Dreamland” creates a quickly likable vibe and makes for a recognizable yet not intrusive new pop/R&B song. There’s a smooth and honest aura to the whole performance, including the writing and smooth delivery of every moment. We love this track and can't wait to hear what Jordan Mosley brings us next! 

Check out “Summertime Dreamland” here and read more in our exclusive interview below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jordan Mosley! Can you dive into the lyrics of “Summertime Dreamland”?

Sure. You ever feel like you want to be fully enveloped in someone? Where they’re your light source, they’re your heat source, their essence is your mood?

[“You’re like me scenic path to the sun. Love you to pieces then gather you up.”] You're the road I travel and my destination. I’ll love you even when you’re broken and I’ll hold you together.

["You are my sunshine after it goes down. I want to love like I really know how.”] You keep my life bright even in its darkest of times. I know I have some learning to do but I want to love you like we’ve been doing it for 50 years. Successfully.

[“I’m like the spring, I got growing to do. But here’s the thing, I bloom only for you.”] At times though I feel like you're on a level I'm working to get to, in many facets of my existence, but for you I'm willing to push to get there.

[“I know I front like I’m fully bloom now. Just want to love like it 92 out.”] I know I’m no the greatest yet but I want to make love to you like I am. And until we’re hot and we’re sweaty.

[“Spend the night giving light to me. You’re the right sort of light I need.”] Take the whole night putting your body against mine. And your body is the perfect fit to mine.

[“Fantasize at the sight of you. Can’t deny, life’d be brighter if you were close by.”] I’m creating new fantasies of things I want to do with you in the future. You make me better.

[“No Lie. Temperature more high. Keeping my poor wide.”] It’s purely the truth that I’m sick in love with you.

[“Open up and relate to me. Hold the touch of your rays on me.”] Let me come into and let’s make love while you grip your arms around me.

[“ Focus all your energy. Close in close on me while I hold your, Summertime Dreamland.”] Don’t think about any. thing. else. I’ll hold you steady.

What inspired the creation of this track?

My music is often a very "in my head type of vibe" but I think I needed something light, something simple and enjoyable, that many could relate to. I myself needed a mental break. To just relax and vibe out to the cool breeze moving through the window at 6:15pm as the sun melts into background. And while fantasizing about that close physical affection, of coarse. I mean, what else right? That’s all I used to do from my tweens to my teens up into my adulthood while listening to Stan Getz color my mind with the tenor sax. So, hopefully with this song I can color some minds to fantasize that same way.

Where do you generally get your inspiration from, and is there anything outside of music that drives you creatively?

Inspiration comes from everywhere - from anything. I kind of think too much so I can over analyze anything. I definitely think about love and life, the fragility of life, the purpose of life, the small nuances in life that inadvertently have a huge affect on life - almost perpetually.

Do you ever revert back to your rapping style of music?

Yeah for sure! I still love rapping and even have new music coming out with me rapping in it. Not sing-rap but actually rapping. I sing….and then I rap….and then I sing again. Rapping will always be a part of my music.

Can we expect a possible collaboration on a future track?

Yes, I working on it at the moment. Collabing with an awesome female artist I met at Unplugd LA who’s got a super cool voice. It's going to be stellar.

Do you have a larger project on the way in the near future?

At one point I was all about putting out an EP. Traditionally that’s an awesome idea and I’m sure I’ll do that someday. But I thought, maybe that isn’t the way anymore. You know, people consume music or any content for that matter like a buffet. We appetize on IG post, main coarse with a little bit of film, a gluttonous helping of TV, and a side of music. And sense I’m the artist no body really knows yet, I’m like the flavor of food they haven’t tried yet. They might like it, but they won’t seek it out. So I gotta keep putting it in there face to remind them “Remember this?! You liked this. You LIKE it! But you keep hitting that same orange chicken. I’m that Beijing Beef you loved last time you were here.” Lol might be pore analogy but putting music out more consistently seems to be a better reminder opposed to spending time a money a project you may or may not put once a year. I could put out only one song a month and look more consistent. Same amount of music only with a spread out release. So currently, that’s my strategy.

What do you hope to achieve through the end of 2019?

I simply hope to gain a solid fan base who consistently listen and look forward to more music from me. That’d be awesome.

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