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Jordan Rietto Has Us Lost In The Mesmerizing Sounds Of “DWU”

Jordan Rietto hails from Prince George's County, Maryland, and has been fascinated with the art of writing since his early childhood.

The natural-born writer would expand into other skills such as music production, guitar, and audio engineering, committing himself to create his own alternative sound within the genre. With influences such as Lupe Fiasco, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, and Earl Sweatshirt, he creates hip-hop-centered music from the perspective of an awkward black boy making sense of the world around him while proudly proclaiming his confidence in music.

His most recent single release, "DWU," incorporates the eclectic essence of Jordan Rietto in a way that has us drawn towards him. The sonic gravitational pull of his artistry provides us with a unique flair that is refreshing to hear in today's day and age of music.

By fusing his inspirations to form the buoyant and charismatic track "DWU," we can't help but be transported by the vibrant liveliness etched into this piece. Jordan Rietto's swoon-worthy timbres have us touring his vocal performance in this medley of lighthearted bars and buttery croons.

Experiencing the versatility firsthand, the elevation of our souls progress with "DWU" as we take in the character that is wholeheartedly placed into Jordan Rietto's craft. From the delicate and prevailing blend of synths that keeps us fueled, this toe-tapper is sure to find a way to your favorite playlist as you bask in the effervescent energy emanated.

Paying close attention to detail, everything from the mix to the songwriting, leaves you wanting more of Jordan Rietto. For now, we'll happily click repeat on "DWU."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jordan Rietto, and congratulations on the release of your latest track, "DWU." With such a lively beat to accompany your songwriting, what was your main inspiration when approaching this song?

Thank you for having me! The idea for "Don't Wait Up" really stems from my love of contradiction in music. Any song where the instrumentation presents itself as one idea, but the lyrics present another idea is very enticing to me. It invites the listener to experience the song more than once to really understand its depth.

What central theme do you hope your audience takes away from this song? What significance does it hold to you?

"Don't Wait Up" is a song of vulnerability in relationships with loved ones. I use the song to speak about disappointing the people I care about most. During the time in my life when I wrote the song, I felt like I could never fulfill these expectations bestowed on me. I felt stuck trying to impress people that could never be satisfied with who I was. Eventually, I found a sort of solace in how I felt. Even though the parties in question still felt let down, I had done my best and that was okay. Instead of forcing relationships that would ultimately end in disappointment, I found peace in walking away from them. I wanted to capture that peace through the happy-sounding instrumentation. The theme is the duality of healing. Sadness and serenity, yin and yang.

Through the creation and release process of "DWU," what moments created make the whole vision much more rewarding?

I originally wrote "Don't Wait Up" back in 2018 when my engineering skills were a bit amateur. As time went on and I made songs of higher quality, I always had the idea to redo the song in the back of my head. The song always meant a lot to me so seeing it re-mastered gives me a sense of fulfillment like I'm doing something for my younger self.

If you could give advice to your audience eager to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

Learn as much as you can. The music industry is moving in a direction where there are more tools for independent artists than there have ever been before. Learning engineering, music sync licensing, production, and many other things can provide several payment and networking opportunities that can advance your personal music journey.

What's next for you?

The next immediate move is visuals for my music to share with my current audience, as well as continuing to work with platforms such as BuzzMusic to expose new people to my craft. The next long-term move is releasing my first full-length album by the end of this summer!


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