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Jordany Is on His Way to Become the Best Rapper He Can Be

Jordany is the type of rapper who could walk up to the microphone and record a freestyle on the first try – he did just that on his recent single “King Dub.” Having natural rapping talent allows him to be this type of artist. However, it isn’t just talent that got him where he is. Growing up in Houston without much luxury, he was often left at home with his brother, where he developed his passion for music. He spent years freestyling and admiring other rappers like J. Cole. All of his experience allowed him to refine his talent and begin producing his music.

As a rapper, Jordany has quite a unique sound. Rather than trying to fit into the same box as most rappers, he has grown to embrace his music and highlight its originality truly. Rather than setting specific goals and timelines, Jordany is the type of artist to live in the moment. His only musical goal is to make sure each track can be better than his last. Because of this, he has continued to improve throughout his career as an artist. Importantly, Jordany mentions that there will always be room for growth on his journey to become the best version of himself.


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