Jordyn Kenzie Allows Listeners into Her Pop Dreamscape With, "Night Wears Off"

From Pennsylvania to Nashville, the diamond-studded Dream-Pop Singer/Songwriter Jordyn Kenzie takes us on a night ride with her emotional and dynamic single, "Night Wears Off."

Kenzie's sound can be described as if Lana Del Rey met Robbers-era Matthew Healy for a tonic in a night cafe or a cosmic crossing of Amber Bain meets Boy in Space. Through an explosive self-titled debut EP in 2018, Jordyn Kenzie has proven that her music can and will stand the test of time.

Fresh off her glimmering single, "Night Wears Off," Jordyn Kenzie brings a desirous theme to this delicious and melodic dreamscape. Through gleaming production and haunting ghost vocals, Jordyn Kenzie stands in the spotlight and sparkles with her emotional lyricism that listeners can easily relate to.

"Night Wears Off" peacefully opens with groaning sub-bass and melodic keys at a down-tempo pace. As Jordyn Kenzie begins vocalizing her longing emotions for someone she misses day after day, she offers listeners a natural connection to her relatable lyricism that lingers in our minds.

The song's production is highly modern and celestial, perfectly complimenting Kenzie's dreamy lyricism with words like, "-baby, you're a dream, but I can't sleep." The use of organic piano is crisply filtered to offer the song a slight flair of R&B, not to mention the gradual Pop/Trap drums; the track provides a rhythmic groove that's food for the soul.

Overall, Jordyn Kenzie has transported us to a serene and wishful space with her tender Dream-Pop single, "Night Wears Off." Through each longing lyric, Kenzie delivers, she allows listeners to easily connect with her authentic and meaningful words.

We love the passion and emotion you've delivered with your single, "Night Wears Off." Was it challenging to write a song based on such a personal aspect of your life?

Personally, I feel like the most vulnerable and honest lyrics are the ones that need to be said; they're the ones that reach people and resonate in a special way. Night Wears Off came from talking to my brother about things we could both relate to at the time and so the lyrics came from that very real place which allowed them to happen pretty effortlessly.

The production within your single "Night Wears Off" is very dreamy and melodic. What sort of sonic atmosphere did you want the production to offer? Did any Producers help you with the sonics?

My brother and I had written the song originally a few years back right after we got a synth keyboard and were just having fun creating dreamy chords and melodies. During some time at home during quarantine, I had sent the song to fellow Berklee student Sean Feth, a very talented producer, who added some of those cool “dreamy”, bedroom pop elements. When I moved to Nashville in August I reached out to Bailey Sample from Support Staff, a producer friend whom I’ve been a big fan of for a while. He really listened to what I was going for and just transformed the song in such a magical way- including some beautiful atmospheric sounds that felt very “me”, and even some hip hop elements to really tie everything together.

We've noticed that you've made quite a few changes to your sound with the release of "Night Wears Off." What pushed you to expand outside of Country-Pop and delve into Dream/Alt-Pop with your latest release?

Growing up in PA and immersed in a music scene of folk and storytelling styles of writing, I was naturally just very drawn to that. My annual trips to Nashville also had me really absorbing the songwriting and storytelling aspect of music. I had recorded my debut EP in Nashville when I was 17 and since then I’ve grown in so many ways. I’ve had more life experiences that have shaped what I need to say in my music and I feel that my emotionally driven lyrics support these themes more. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend a lot of time being very hands-on in the production process of my most recent songs and through this, I’ve been able to really communicate the sounds and elements I’m drawn to.

For listeners and readers just getting to know you, how would you say your music represents you as a person? Do you deliver themes/concepts in your music that align with what you stand for?

That’s a beautiful question! So I grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvania, upon a mountain amongst endless woods. As soon as you drive down off the mountain it’s a lot of hills and golden fields. It’s just a very beautiful and inspirational environment which I think shaped my music in a lot of ways. A lot of the dreamy elements in my music have such a nostalgia to them that brings me back to the freedom of exploring my world back home. As far as my lyrics, I will never write a song just to write it; everything I write is something I am saying because I feel like I have to. Emotions are a heavy thing and I feel that sharing my experiences or perceptions of life could help someone better understand why they might be feeling a certain way, and that sense of connectedness that adheres to that is just very compelling.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

2020 has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us, and my creative energy has been just as inconsistent. What has gotten me through is spending time with people I love, staying creative, and staying hopeful that it’ll get better in time. In the new year, you can expect a lot more music with a similar vibe to Night Wears Off, more sharing and honesty.