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Jordyn Pollard Wishes to Get Her "Kisses Back"

The Lloydminster-based country artist and singer-songwriter Jordyn Pollard wishes to get her sweet "Kisses Back" with an uplifting new single.

Focusing on the little things that matter in life, Jordyn Pollard uses her life experiences, pop culture, friends, and family to write the utmost meaningful and genuine lyricism. Currently putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming EP, we're excited to see what Jordyn Pollard has up her sleeve as we approach the summer season.

While her latest release, "Kisses Back," takes on a more spirited approach towards a breakup, Jordyn Pollard delivers incredibly emotional and reliable lyricism that's bound to strike a chord in any listener. Through her vibrant country instrumentals and vocal similarities to Taylor Swift, Jordyn Pollard is truly making a name for herself in the country music scene.

Pressing play on "Kisses Back," the song opens with bright acoustic guitars, mid-tempo snaps, an uplifting synth arrangement, and Jordyn Pollard's brilliant vocal stylings. While she begins letting the listener into her personal life through lyrics that yearn to get her wasted kisses back from someone who didn't appreciate them, she ultimately lets the listener find a piece of themself in her relatable lyricism.

Slowing it down at the hook with nothing but a plucky banjo, sweet acoustic guitar melodies, and Jordyn Pollard's melodic vocal stylings, she leads us towards the lush outro. While leaving any listener inspired to look at the bright side after enduring something as challenging as a breakup, Jordyn Pollard makes sure to share her love with someone worth it next time around.

Delve into the stylings of Jordyn Pollard and her latest single, "Kisses Back," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jordyn Pollard. We're totally swooned by the uplifting tones and relatable lyricism within your recent single, "Kisses Back." What inspired you to write this breakup anthem?

Hey all! Thank you so much. That’s so nice of you to say! This song was pitched to me and my team and was written by Matt Koziol, Nick Bailey, and Emily Earle. As soon as I heard it I knew there was something special about it! I tend to gravitate towards R&B or rap-inspired hooks whether I’m writing or listening to music and this one is no exception! This song tells the story of a girl going through the break-up process. She’s upset about the time she wasted crying over a guy who did not treat her right. I think so many of us can relate to that and the way it’s expressed through the lyrics is so fun!

Was it easy to write your relatable and emotional lyricism for your single "Kisses Back?” Or did you face any personal challenges when writing your lyrics?

I definitely think songwriting can be tough. There are times where I struggle to put my emotions or thoughts into words, but other times it comes out effortlessly! You just have to try and be patient and keep trying! Or wait a few years until it appears again!

Did you work with any producers or musicians when creating the lush country atmosphere for "Kisses Back"? What was the instrumental creative process like?

I had an amazing team on this single! I worked with producer Bart McKay again this time around! He also produced my debut EP “Good On Me”. He’s so talented! The musicians that played on this record were Chad Melchert (drums), Travis Switzer (bass), and Ryan Davidson (guitar). They killed it and truly made my vision come to life! The creative process this time around was a little bit different than the last as we had to wear masks and social distance, but I loved every moment we spent in the studio!

We've heard that you're in the studio putting the finishing touches on your forthcoming EP. Could you drop any hints regarding the EP and what listeners should anticipate from the project?

I feel like this album is the perfect reset after the pandemic! This album is going to have lots of pop elements but still hold that country charm. It’s mostly upbeat but I also added a song that I wrote that is really personal to me. I can’t wait to share it with the world!

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