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Joseph Milauskas' Larger Than Life Sound, "Feels Good"

Joseph Milauskas was born in Middle Village, Queens, New York, and has had a passion for music dating back to his childhood.

Writing from an early age Joseph Milauskas took inspiration from a broad range of songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, Passenger, as well as Pop Punk mainstays Fall Out Boy.

Lyrics are the most important part of the music process for him, and his music is all written from delving into personal experiences in an attempt to deliver an authentic story in each song.

Swaying us into a distinctive realm of buoyant atmospheres meeting heartfelt storytelling, Joseph Milauskas uses a glowing juxtaposition in the manner that he conveys his most recent single, “Feels Good.”

The saturated vocalization he uses in order to depict an environment of trust looming in a relationship due to one's previous experiences is uncanny. Being relatable at its finest, the fluidity that pours from the passion-filled composition has you not only moving to the music but feeling the meaning of “Feels Good,” in the depth of your soul.

There is no denying that Joseph Milauskas has a knack for creating vivacious melodies that roll off the tongue and linger on your mind in a true sonic offering. The way that his buttery vocals heighten our sense as he taps into our angst-filled emotion speaks to the influences he takes into his music. He utilizes his inspiration in a way that creates an entirely unique lane for himself as his art embodies the trademarks of a certified hit.

Artistic versatility seems to pour naturally from Joseph Milauskas. Allowing his audience to peek into a lens of lived-out familiarities, Joseph Milauskas’ fan base continues to grow in intrapersonal connection with each song he releases.

We love the ambiance that you send to the speakers on this track! Could you please take us into the creative process when creating the energetic delivery of “Feels Good?"

My last song "Lifeline" was really mellow and laid back so going into my next song I knew I wanted more energy. I was listening to a lot of Kanye West, in particular, "808s & Heartbreak" and the electronics from that album really inspired the track which is why I paid homage to it as the cover art for the song. Lyrically, I vented a lot of my frustration of how I've been treated and I'm sure we've all had that person that didn't mean to hurt us, but their past relationship ended up affecting your relationship and that was the theme that I built around.

You have mentioned that lyrics are the most important aspect of your creation process. What is your ideal environment when writing?

Writing has actually always come really naturally to me but since I write a lot of my music from moments in my own life so I have found it helpful when I put myself in situations that are very nostalgic. The biggest thing is just being able to jot stuff down at the moment, even if I'm with my friends having a drink, I'll pull out my phone and scribble down a few words and I'll end up building upon that in hopes of turning it into something more. Once my brain has somewhat of an idea in my head I don't like to lose it because the next time I go back to it, it's a very different process for me, in short when I get an idea I try to get the most out of that idea at the moment that I can.

How long did it take you to create “Feels Good?" Was there anyone assisting with the final of the record which we know and love?

I forget the exact process but the actual record took a couple of months. I had finished it a while back this winter but I don't have a team so for whatever reason I wasn't in love with it and I kind of just let it sit there. I handle production and mastering myself so as a result I get sick of my own music really quickly and I rely on my friends as the final ear test which I'm sure they get tired of but just relying on my ears isn't enough for me. I recently went back to it and I liked the song more than when I first recorded it and I knew I needed to release it. This is the first song that I'm gonna be releasing merchandise for too so that's pretty cool.

What is the main message that you hope your audience will take away from you as an artist?

I just wanted to share my experiences, turn my problems into some type of art in hopes that someone else who's going through it too can connect to my song and know that you're not alone and it's okay to feel how you feel.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on my next big project, it's a very different mood than my last EP "Sunset Paradise," which was very upbeat and happy, there's a lot more weight in this and as a result, it's taking much longer but I'm super excited to share more of it soon and I'm personally really happy with it because it's helped me deal with a lot of my issues and hopefully it can help people with theirs too. We can all be sad together.

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