Josephine Relli Shifts Her Sound With a Recent Hit, "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)"

Born in Washington and residing in Los Angeles, the talented 18-year-old diverse artist, singer-songwriter, model, and actor Josephine Relli serves us wild versatility with an ode to hip-hop through her recent hit, "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)."

After attending the International Modeling and Talent Association and participating in various high-end events, Josephine Relli received several modeling and acting accolades, relocating her to Los Angeles. Enjoying her new West Coast life, Josephine Relli is currently working on various upcoming releases slated for a 2021 release.

More recently, Josephine Relli found herself expanding her musical horizons outside of Pop through her recent single, "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)." Created with the featured rapper Kay-Ree, he offers a brilliant and dynamic verse that heightens the song's energy and life. Not to mention Josephine Relli's sultry vocals and Wavy Baby's modernness, we highly appreciate this track's intricacy and thoroughness.

"No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)" opens with an incredibly soulful undertaking through bright acoustic guitar samples and haunting ghost vocals that set the sultry and sensual tone. As Josephine Relli begins singing the intro with lyrics surrounding someone who leaves her mesmerized, we adore the unique and low-range vocal style she offers, as it's a different aspect to her sound that we haven't heard before.

Without hesitation, rapper Kay-Ree takes the spotlight and jumps into the track with a heated and playful verse. Wavy Baby also makes her vocal appearance with help from the modern autotune that brings a contemporary aspect to the piece. Through each artist's performance on this single, we're left bopping our heads and wanting unique ode's hip-hop like this.

Introduce yourself to Josephine Relli's new sound with her latest single, "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)," and enjoy the featured stylings of Kay-Ree and Wavy Baby as they serenade us with ease.

We love the change in sound and style you've made with your single, "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)." What inspired you to experiment with more hip-hop/r&B sounds for this single?

Honestly, the change of scenery after moving to LA. Going out and hearing that sound and feel that vibe almost everywhere I went felt right for the life stage I was in. It was the perfect vibe of life theme music and so I wanted to create my own song with that feel. It also came to be just from the collaborative experimenting process we had in the studio. We just felt it out and “No 1” was born.

What was it like working with artists Wavy Baby and Kay-Ree for your single "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)"? Did everyone write their own lyrics?

It was a great experience. We all are able to just do what we feel and go with the flow in the studio. Everyone does write their own lyrics so this song is truly an artist collab where we all brought our own sound and style of creating and mashed it together.

Who produced your single "No 1 (feat. Wavy Baby)?" Was the beat made specifically for you, or were you able to help create the sonics?

We had an amazing engineer with us on this project who brought everything together perfectly. Hefe mixed it ( on Instagram). He was able to blend all of us together and bring out the best in the song.

Could you tell us more about your brand and your recent philanthropic endeavors? How does your music reflect what you stand for?

My brand and my music is just a reflection of myself and I try to make my beliefs and what I stand for fairly apparent and proud in what I do and create. I want people to feel safe and empowered if they come to my little corner of the entertainment world/industry. I want people to feel loved and also to be inspired to not give up. If I can give that to just a few people I’ll be happy.

What message do you wish for listeners to take away from you and your music?

Whatever message hits home for them and makes them feel something. I wish for my music to be able to be interpreted in many different ways depending on who is listening and where they are in life. If one of my songs can be the perfect post-breakup anthem while at the same time being the jam for someone else’s new beginnings in love, then I’ve done something right.