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Josey’s Debut Single "TMI" Brings The Heat

Josey said it herself, she sings to express, not impress. This soul-pop artist wants to connect with her audience, whether it be through her lyrics about self-love or her vibrant voice. Growing up in Houston, TX, Josey takes her past experiences in life and uses them to fuel her music-making process. After winning the talent competition "The Fame Chicago" in 2016 and later moving to Nashville, TN to pursue music, Josey is here to release her debut single "TMI"!

Josey often writes about the lows and highs of life, relationships she's had, and her childhood. In "TMI", she brings us her point of view when dealing with an overpowering relationship. Her strong voice makes a powerful impression on the listener. It's clear Josey means business, both in the song and in terms of her musical talent. While her voice embodies the emotions she's felt, the lyrics echo that the person in her relationship is literally doing "too much". Her sweeping notes have got us hooked on this song. On top of her vocals, the pop sound is clean and adds to the catchiness. The guitar adds spice to the track and the beat is on point until the very end. And by the final buildup, we were so ready for Josey to steal our hearts with her explosive final runs. Her heart and soul are poured into this track and the final product is just so perfect. Please give “TMI” a listen today!

Check out "TMI" here and read more with Josey below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Josey! “TMI” is the type of music we need today. Why do you feel it is important to write and sing about your past experiences in life?

I think it is very important to write and sing about your past life experiences because it's like therapy in a way. It helps you acknowledge what went wrong, you can address the situation and come to terms with how to be better and do better. It also lets go of everything you were holding in or holding back its really cathartic tbh lol

Was there a particular experience that led to the creation of this song?

I wrote this songs 3 years ago while studying abroad in germany for an international songwriting camp. Originally I was writing it for another artist. So there were multiple life situations that led to this song. They range from being fed up with " the party" experience and people who just won't leave you alone or take no for an answer! To someone you trusted running around talking shit and spreading lies about you.

How are you able to open yourself emotionally to an audience when performing?

It actually took me a long time to be vulnerable on stage and really open my heart. That is the hardest part but for me, I knew my music and the message I wanted to share was bigger than my fear and insecurities. I'm not an actress, my music is me and I want to be authentic on and off stage. I'm an open book and I truly have no shame! I was in a competition in 2016 " the fame Chicago" and the mentors really pushes me to put down those walls while performing and I took their advice and I ended up winning the competition! I may not be the best singer or writer or guitar player but I will always give it my all from heart and soul and I think that is special. 

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Some of my biggest musical inspirations are India arie, Lauryn Hill, Pink, Stevie Wonder, Sara Bareilles, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Adele! 

What’s next for you and your music in the upcoming year? Any projects or performances on the horizon?

I'm working on recording my second single, I'm gonna release that early next year! So be on the lookout for that! I will be dropping my 3rd single in the spring/early summer of 2020! I'm also working on my debut EP, that hopefully will be out by this time next year. I do have some special shows coming up! I am playing in London for the first time! October 17th at the Luna Lounge and October 22nd at the Bedford! I will also be playing some more secret shows with sofar sounds! I actually just played at the Exit In for the first time and it was lovely! I had no idea how iconic that venue is! Working on booking more shows and touring for next year!


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