Josh Kroehn Displays Incredible Emotion In a New Release, "Moving Out"

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kroehn takes us through the hardships of "Moving Out" with his latest heartfelt and genuine single.

Known for his heart-wrenching and painfully barded songs, Josh Kroehn continues to wow listeners with his incredible vulnerability and honest lyricism. With songs written about his life and experiences, from the peaks to the valleys, listeners can assure themselves that Kroehn's music comes straight from the heart and is nothing but uniquely authentic.

Now releasing his poignant single, "Moving Out," the song is also the title track of his forthcoming sophomore album. Josh Kroehn takes listeners through his experience moving out and finding a place that's entirely his own while facing the emotional tribulations of living somewhere that's rather unfamiliar. With help from Rosie Barani's lush vocals, the song makes for an unforgettable and deeply emotional listening experience.

Listening to "Moving Out," the song opens with Josh Kroehn's bright vocal alongside a tender and cinematic piano melody. We're surprised that Kroehn took this melodic piano route, as he's usually accompanied by a bright and soulful acoustic guitar. As he begins to sing of settling into his new space that has yet to hold memories, he moves his way into the emotional hook.

As Rosie Barani's soothing and velvet-like vocals begin to pour through our speakers alongside Josh Kroehn's soulful and powerful delivery, they offer the utmost dramatic harmonies to amplify the song's emotion. We can't help but feel this sense of togetherness after listening to this piece; even though Kroehn sings of being away from the ones he loves, he leaves listeners with incredibly relatable lyrics that we can all be a part of.

Experience the pure emotion and heart of Josh Kroehn's latest single, "Moving Out," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Josh Kroehn, we adore the relatable concept and emotion you've placed into your recent single, "Moving Out." At what moment during your move did you feel inspired and compelled to write a piece about your experience? It’s funny I didn’t write this song until the beginning of this year, and I moved into my house in March last year. I think at the time of moving in it was such an uncertain time, and I was faced with a lockdown and restrictions shortly after moving in. After I had time to live there and settle, I looked back on what I was feeling at the time and I think the song is summative of the album as a whole, and hence it is the title track. What drew you to the stylings of Rosie Barani to feature on your single "Moving Out?" Why did you want to give the song this lush female dynamic? I met Rosie nearly 5 years ago when I was hired to play guitar for her performance of ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ by Joni Mitchell. As a big Joni Mitchell fan, I was immediately impressed with Rosie’s tone and control, and I really like the angelic quality in her voice, especially when she sings higher notes. I’ve been wanting to include female harmonies for some time, and I was just waiting for the right tracks. The collaboration between Phoebe Bridges and Noah Gundersen for ‘Killer + the Sound’ is what first planted the idea in my mind back in 2018. Why did you want "Moving Out" to carry this emotional piano instrumental instead of your usual soulful acoustic guitar? The instrumental was originally composed on my 12 string Maton acoustic guitar, but it just didn’t feel bright enough to me, so I tried it out on piano and I found the sound I was looking for. I usually go for a deeper, warmer tone to my music but I feel for this subject matter and with the inclusion of Rosie’s harmonies the piano was definitely the right choice. How does the single "Moving Out" prepare us for what's to come on your forthcoming album? Is the entire record based on your experience when moving out and growing up? The songs are all reflections on past events. My debut album ‘State Of Devotion’ was a deep and dark record that was purely aimed at catharsis, whereas this record is more just me introspectively meandering through a vast array of different experiences. Some of these experiences are positive, some not so positive but none of the songs go to the darker places like I found myself going to on ‘State Of Devotion’. It’s also more of a collection of individual songs rather than a synergistic group of songs. There are definitely some surprises on there and some new sounds that I hadn’t experimented with before.