Josh Kroehn’s Debuts New Release “Never Found”

Josh Kroehn’s new release “Never Found”, will instantly captivate you his warm guitar playing and tender vocals. The hard work and dedication to his craft are undeniable in this track.

Josh’s uniquely authentic writing about life is definitely straight from his heart.

Josh’s musical interest sprung at a young age, with the help of his parent’s collection of LPs and CDs.

By age six, Josh was creating his own musical pieces in his bedroom on a tiny keyboard, and by age 9, the guitar became a permanent fixture in his hands. Through the years Josh had a growing desire for learning all the technical aspects of the guitar.

Initially, his playing style was driven by energy and raw emotion of heavier music, however, a change in life revealed and established an emotional connection that opened his world further to all musical genres.

His key influences include the fingerstyle guitar playing of Ben Howard, John Martyn, and Nick Drake, as well as the compositional approaches from Radiohead and Talk Talk. These diverse musical influences have greatly impacted Josh’s unique sound, which makes his music distinctive in today’s industry.