Joshua Flores Caught Our “Attention” With New Single

Texas-born Joshua Flores started singing from an early age. After attending a specialized school for choir in New Jersey, he returned home to continue to carry out his dreams of being a performer. At the age of 12, Joshua was signed to a record label out of Miami and gained experience in the music industry, which has carried on with him throughout his career. Already with an impressive back catalog of music, Joshua is now ready to release his written and self-produced work into the world. The first song of many is called "Attention."

You are looking for a song that fits perfectly on your summer playlist? "Attention" has everything you need this year and more. Joshua's song "Attention" gives us a tropical vibe that takes you to the beaches of Malibu. A steady groove keeps the pace while Joshua's vocals provide the perfect energy to smile on your face. With this beat, you can't help but keep moving. The production includes harmonies and bright, yet moody, textures that keep Joshua's fans coming back for more. It's clear to us that the journey this young artist has been on has helped him improve, grow, and develop. Don't miss out on his newest song, "Attention."

Be sure to listen to “Attention” here.

Hello Joshua and welcome back to BuzzMusic. You’ve clearly been through a lot already in your career! From being signed to a record label for 5 years to having developed your sound through several releases. What have you learned along the way? How do you think these experiences have helped you become the artist you are today?

I would say that I’ve learned to make any kind of music you want as long as you enjoy it. It’s great to have the freedom to try new things and different kinds of styles and genres. I’m starting to understand what my sound is and where I want it to go in the future. We know that recently you’ve begun writing and producing your own material. What inspired you to start developing these skills? What can you tell us about the production behind “Attention”?

Whenever I was a part of a label all I could do was record songs that were already written and produced for me. Now that I am older and independent I started writing my own music, and that also meant having to produce the songs myself like my recent song “Don’t”. I’m still continuing to learn and improve my music production skills, which is why for some of my songs I look to BeatStars when I want to challenge myself and create a song out of my comfort zone. For “Attention” I wanted to make a fun kind of party song that people could play anywhere and dance to. I found a beat produced by Dylan Graham and Mantra and it was so catchy I knew I had to make a song out of it. It’s a fun way to collaborate with other producers and songwriters when it came to the vocal production I got to try different ideas that I wouldn’t normally do in my past songs.

You’ve been performing from such a young age. What’s your favorite part about being on stage? Do you have any favorite songs you like to play?

I wasn’t always comfortable on stage when I was younger but over time I’ve grown more confident and enjoyed interacting with the crowd. It’s fun when you play that one song everyone in the room knows and loves and they end up singing along. When I perform I like mixing in cover songs with my originals, the acoustic version of my song “Waiting for You” is always fun to play, but you can’t go wrong with throwing in an Ed Sheeran song like “Perfect” crowds love it.

Do you have any ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these plans being worked on or put into place currently?

My goal as an artist is to continue challenging myself with new song ideas that let me experiment more and define my sound. I just want people to be able to listen to my songs and vibe with them. My goal when I write a song is to always make it relatable in some way, most of my songs are based on personal experience and I’m not the only one who has been through that so I try to make a song for everyone in a way.

What can we expect to see next from you? Well with everyone being stuck inside right now it’s given me more time to work on more music. Whenever I get an idea I just start working on it right away, so I have a few songs I’m already producing and experimenting with. I’m sure I’ll be releasing a song or two this summer so be on the lookout.