Joshua Flores Finds Freedom in the Unknown

Joshua Flores has spent time playing and creating music all across the country. Each time learning a new skill or sound, he immediately starts experimenting with it. Joshua Flores aims to make music his listeners genuinely enjoy, if you dig it, Joshua Flores knows he's created poignant material. Carefully examining listener feedback, Joshua Flores has been able to understand his sound and where he wants to take it.

Having experienced both sides of the coins of the music industry, Joshua Flores is learning how his music is shaped when working with a production company and when he is on his own, creating music as an independent artist. In his constant state of exploration, Joshua Flores has found meaningful collaborations with other producers and songwriters he feels takes him out of his comfort zone and takes risks in creating something new. Joshua Flores really is a musical entrepreneur; his tireless pursuit of continuing to challenge himself with new song ideas keeps him connecting with fans who intern connects with his vibed product of sound.