Joshua Morata Serenades Listeners With “You”

Joshua Morata is a multi-talented singer/songwriter based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Just this year, he has released three 10-track albums, packaged as "A Month In Manila Trilogy". The trilogy, which details Joshua's journey through heartbreak and ultimately overcoming it, were written and produced entirely by Joshua, in his bedroom makeshift studio. Spanning a total of a year of production. He hopes to share his stories with listeners, for that he believes "moving on is necessary".

We checked out the intense love ballad “You” by Joshua Morata and we’re in love. With an eclectic new-wave sound, Joshua weaves through elements of R&B, Pop and Jazz. The track “You” remains charmingly Lofi but Joshua’s production skills are clearly finely tuned. We can’t help but hone in on Joshua’s deep and alluring vocals. His sultry voice fused with the heavy echoing bass mix with ease and perfection. “You” is a track that every girl wishes a man would sing to them. The yearning and passion in Joshua Morata’s lyricism and overall sound is a welcome addition to the music industry and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next! Stay on the lookout for this young up and coming heartthrob, Joshua Morata.

Check out “You” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Joshua! What advice would you give to your younger self now, when you first started writing music?

I could give myself loads and loads of advice! But for the sake of writing music, i'll offer myself this...Hey Josh! it's 2014, and you're a few weeks into your Sophomore year; You just got out of your first relationship, and things will start to suck. You might end up growing out your hair and start dressing up like Michael Jackson. You can't dance even if your life depended on it, but hey, you're enjoying yourself, so that's all that matters. You've been writing a lot of short stories and poems about her, so why not take a crack at singing? You'll be a bit shaky in a few of your recordings, but you'll manage. Heartbreak really sucks, but you're young, and in a few years the fire will simmer down and things will be cool for a while. Always carry a journal with you, that way you can jot down some ideas that'll pop up. Also in a few years, dad will give you his cassette collection, you'll definitely find some inspiration there. Keep going, Josh. You're gonna make it. 

Can you tell us about the meaning behind the lyrics in “You”?

While I was working on the album, I knew I had to include at least one ballad. Unlike the rest of Melancholia, I wanted "You" to be short and sweet, but straight to the point. One of the lyrics being "we don't have to see each other often/say 'I Love You' anymore to keep our love close" sums up the idea of: just because we're not together right now or anymore, doesn't mean we still can't be there for each other; Maybe not physically, but emotionally we're still together. Love is a heavy thing, I'll tell you that much. It fucks you up in the best and worst way possible. "You" is kind of like a reminder to an old relationship, telling them "hey, we're not together, but you're on my mind, and I hope you're doing well". 

What was the writing process like? What inspired the song?

Along with the entirety of the album, writing the song required complete isolation from the outside world. I stayed in my house for the remainder of April and the entire month of May. Throughout May it would rain a lot; The sky would be incredibly gloomy and the overall atmosphere was depressing. I would occasionally go through my ex-fiancée's letters and read almost all of them. That weird feeling of reading an old girlfriend's writing got to me a bit. Mixing that with the sight of continuous downpour outside my window, I wanted to write something that sounded intimate and close-knit. Much like all my material this year and the year before, a lot of it were inspired by her. Hell, even in the "You" video, a lot of her letters were scattered across my bed for the shoot! She probably thinks I threw them out, but nah. As it pains me to admit, I still think about her.

Who are you biggest musical influences and why?

I could name several, seeing as the list changes every month or so. But to say my BIGGEST influences...without hesitation, David Bowie, Prince, Toro y Moi, and Frank Ocean. Each of them are incredibly unique in their own way; Are all revolutionary and every album in their discography is a musical journey worth exploring. I must give mad props to Mr. Bowie though. I had ZERO plans of making three albums this year. However, with the inspiration of his iconic Berlin Trilogy, and my personal goal to overcome alcoholism, music has been my therapy these many months, plus I can wake up every morning knowing I put out a trilogy of albums that I personally think are my best works yet.

What are your career goals for 2019?

According to my bucket list, the number one thing listed is "GO ON TOUR". Nothing grand or explosive, just a show in a few cities; Maybe meet a few cool people along the way. I keep proposing a "Lonely Clouds" tour to my friends, and as exciting as that sounds, I feel as though I have many ways to go to finally execute that plan, but i am working on it, don't you worry!

Another one of my many career goals of 2019 is to hopefully be signed to a major label. I know it'll never happen, seeing as everyone's in the same music race of achieving "signed artist" status. Columbia Records is cool, I really dig their aesthetic. Maybe I could get their attention in a few years or so, who knows. For now, I'm comfortable being independent. And by the looks it, with the current state of recognition and attention i've been getting recently, I wouldn't mind staying Indie a little while longer. It's all good from here.

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