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Joshua Ryan Pays Homage To His “Muse” In A Sultry New Single

From Detroit to Austin and Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Joshua Ryan returns with his passionate and lustful new single, "Muse." "I'm always somewhere between peace and chaos," notes Joshua Ryan, who uses music to reflect his internal and external experiences. As life's trials and tribulations struck Ryan from the mere age of six, it wasn't long until he knew that music was his calling. He's even travelled to Russia to play on MTV and the American Embassy and performed on late-night talk shows and the Warped Tour.

Now releasing his desirous and groovy new single, "Muse," Joshua Ryan wears his heart on his sleeve while paying homage to his counterpart and mystical muse. We adore the modern feel of this track; it perfectly showcases the epitome of contemporary r&b with each blissful, groovy, and haunting sonic arrangement.

Hitting play on the single "Muse," the song peacefully opens with a few haunting vocal chops that rain down from above while a spacious synth begins to make its way to the foreground. As Joshua Ryan jumps into his passionate and sensual lyrical delivery, he grooves over to the transcendent hook, where he serenades us with nothing but love and desire.

We're genuinely impressed with Joshua Ryan's ability to portray such passionate and almost indescribable emotions; his lyricism perfectly depicts the experiences we feel when falling head over heels for someone. As he leads us to the song's lush and soothing outro, Joshua Ryan closes the song with nothing but groove, heart, and soul.

Show some love to Joshua Ryan's latest sensual single, "Muse," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're truly in awe of the passionate sonic landscape you've delivered with your latest single, "Muse." What inspired you to create such a desirous and heartfelt piece?

My wife was the inspiration behind "Muse." This song is about that muse in your life that turns you on mentally just as much (if not more) than they do physically. This is that "bad bitch' energy, and my wife has plenty of it, thus inspiring me to write about it. As it pertains to the listener: the "Muse" is everything you want but still keeps you wanting more. They will be there when you need them but will challenge you. They will keep you on your toes while inspiring what comes out of you. They also know exactly what games to play to stimulate you mentally.

Did you produce the haunting sonics for "Muse," or did you work with any other producers and musicians to help navigate the sonic atmosphere and vibe?

I came up with the original idea/vibe for the beginning of "Muse" and knew what I wanted out of the song. My friend and amazing producer, Austin Hull of Make Pop Music, is my right-hand man when it comes to bringing my songs to life. We collab often, and there's a person out there who's been able to understand my intentions as much as he has. He's truly a beast, and I couldn't ask for a better producer in crime.

Was it easy for you to lay it all on the line and open your heart when writing your passionate lyrics for "Muse?" What was your songwriting process like?

Honestly, this one was a little tough. I had a first verse and chorus in the beginning but struggled to come up with a 2nd verse and bridge. A couple of months in, I decided to completely scrap the chorus. The overall vibe of the chorus just wasn't there for me, so. I went back to the drawing board. I started recording myself singing all different melodies over the chorus, and within 30 minutes, I had a brand new chorus that I was in love with, and that's what it is now. Throughout the process, I was sending over clips of new ideas to Austin, and once he heard the final idea, he was like, "This is it," and we finished the song.

How do songs like "Muse" help us get to know your music better? Do you usually create such moody, honest, and passionate r&b?

Passion, Moody, and Clever writing is literally everything that I try to put into my songs. I think "Muse" is a great example of that. For instance, "I've got your head in the clouds, with your legs at the ceiling." It's all about the imagery, painting a picture, and telling a story. I'm a huge believer in "Tell us how you really feel" and will continue to do that same thing in everything I release going forward. I hope more people do reach out and try to get to know me. What's the mystery behind Joshua Ryan and his songs? I'd say, "Come find out!"

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of the year?

For 2021, I think "Muse" was a great way to go into the Holidays. I'm definitely already writing my next song and plan to release it at the beginning of 2022. 2022 is going to be the year where I release the most music so far. I have a lot that I want to say, and I plan to put myself in more places than I've ever been. I want a lot out of this coming year, and I want to bring as many people with me as possible. Hopefully, a new music video will be in the near future as well. Stay tuned, and make sure to reach out and connect! Let's keep growing. Until then, I definitely recommend listening to "Muse" if you haven't already. Share it with YOUR muse and pass it along.

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