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Joshua Ryan Says You’re The “Life Of My Party” In Newest Single

Joshua Ryan is a talented, up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Born in Detroit, Joshua is currently residing and making his name known in Los Angeles. Joshua’s vocal style and sound are a big part of what gives his musical personality.

Throughout his newest release, “Life Of My Party,” the delivery is fairly calm and seductive, keeping up with the sentiments and mood of the music. The concept is chilled out. It talks of relationships, lust, and directly addressing a significant other in an intimate and classically pop-like R&B fashion.

Everything is low-key and personal, seeming specifically intended for that relationship setting. The nature of the lyrics builds further on this and makes sure that the song is one for a wider audience to share the lyrics. The vibe can be taken on by just about anyone.

Joshua Ryan still makes his sound and his creative style known quite boldly throughout. There aren’t too many artists pushing in this direction right now, so “Life Of My Party,” in particular, stands out for its level of identity.

How did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue in life? 

The first thing I wanted to do every morning was sing. My mom would be driving me to school, and I would make her turn up the radio. My favorite RnB / Motown songs would be on, and I would lose myself in the songs. Drums came next, followed by guitar, and here we are now.

What does your single “Life Of My Party” represent for you?

When you've gone through a lot of trial and error with different people, heartbreak, and bad situations, you start to understand exactly what you need in another person. This song is about finding that person and immediately being enamoured and captivated by their existence. So much so that you want them to feel the same way you do and start imagining that they already do; I wrote this song for my wife. 

What was the concept behind the music video for “Life Of My Party”? 

This song took on two different realities. There was a constant battle between what was actually happening and what I wanted to be happening. The real world and my dream world. How I felt and how I wanted her to feel. 

What was the filming process like for you?

The filming of this video couldn't have gone any better. I had an amazing team that spent a lot of hours on this project. The dedication, persistence and perseverance that they displayed are beyond appreciated. They truly brought my thoughts to life. 

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward?

I want nothing more than to share my songs with as many people as possible. I'm continuing to write new music, shoot more videos, and definitely plan to meet more amazing people along the way. I'm looking forward to performing in your city soon.




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