Joules Give Us an Exclusive Look Into Their Moving Single "Please"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Joules!  Can you tell us about the formation of your trio? What drove you three to come together and create a band?

I started playing with Marvin (guitar) and PJ (drums) about two years ago. We got together with the aim of doing only original tunes. We had all been in other original bands and had admired each other for a while before playing together. everything fell into place very easily with us!

Congratulations on the release of your new single "Please". What’s the message you hope your listeners to take away from it? What does "Please" mean to you?

When our good friend, Sam, committed suicide right after the band formed, we were all exceptionally shocked. It seemed like he had everything going for him, and his girlfriend had just had a baby boy. We realized that it is not always obvious when people are struggling, and we just couldn't wrap our heads around it. That is how the song came into being. We want the song to open up a dialogue among people....sometimes when a friend is getting high too much or displaying behavior that is atypical for them, it can mean something really bad is going on....hopefully listeners will take that away. Start Talking about what is really going on with the people you care about.

Talk to us about the production of “Please”? In what ways did you seek to embody the message of the song through the video?

The video resulted from some more mutual friends hearing the song. Jesse McMinn (the videographer) was a good friend of PJs and played in another band with him. When Jesse heard the song, he really wanted to do a video. All the actors in the video are friends of ours, and all have had their lives touched by this silent epidemic of suicide. People in their 20's, mostly, who seemed to have everything to live for...

What can we expect to see from Joules throughout 2020?

We are in the studio now and will be releasing 9 or 10 new tunes over the course of the next year. We like to do tunes one at a time, our process is very intense and it seems like this is the method that works best for us. We have also been playing a lot of gigs locally and plan to continue getting our live show out to our fans, and keep on playing the new tunes until they feel ready to record.

Listen to "Please" here.