Journey Through A Melodic Soundscape With, "Never Wanna See You"

While many artists are emerging from the booming Atlanta music industry, few artists possess the unique talent and style that DeeZire has. The up-and-coming R&B/Pop duo is comprised of members Swade and X'Clusiv.

Formed in Atlanta, when X'clusiv auditioned for the group, it was at this point that they realized they shared a deep and personal connection with the music of other similar artists and the incredible ability to connect with others and tell their story through music.

Taking us through the grace and ease of a heartfelt soundscape, DeeZire places its best foot forward in the vulnerability they showcase in "Never Wanna See You." Although the instrumentation emits a tranquil reiteration of acoustic pop ballads, the harmonious glory of each vocal melody layers in an impeccable universe that reflects reminiscent R&B tenors.

DeeZire is brilliant with how their storytelling abilities cast out impactful imagery that drowns you in an offering of their personal experiences. The vast amount of emotions that pour into "Never Wanna See You" leave us with a dreamy taste of heartrending notions that have us searching our memory bank for the memories we reflect on in direct correlation to the feelings conveyed. Blending a myriad of styles to make a masterpiece so thought-provoking that you're left wanting longer after the record is over is a feat that not many can do.

With DeeZire at the helm of this production, we get to embrace each note that Swade and X'Clusiv transmit through a fascinating presentation of cascading timbres that speak into your soul. Sharing their artistry and passion with the rest of the world, DeeZire earns their spot on our up-and-coming artist radar.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DeeZire. We love the beautiful layers of emotion that you pour into your latest single, "Never Wanna See You." Was there a particular moment or story that inspired this vulnerable expression?

"Never Wanna See You" came about through another friend's situation that she was going through at the time. I (X'clusiv) had taken a break from a writing session to catch up with a good friend quickly, and it happened to turn into a 2-hour phone call. My friend told me about how she was leaving the guy she was with and how he made her feel taken for granted, etc. She ended the call saying she never wanted to see him again. After we hung up, the next track I listened to was the Never Wanna See You track, and it just kind of flowed out because I had just gotten done talking about my friend's situation for the past two hours. I started putting the format of the song together with Swade, and it just fell into place. The vibe just felt right because not only was Never Wanna See You inspired by my friend. It became inspired by a combination of experiences that Swade and I had been through as well. Relationships can be a roller coaster of emotions, and we want to make sure that we explore every avenue of being in a relationship, good or bad, and just be true and honest with our music. Making sure that we connect with our audience is very important to us. Never Wanna See You is not only a song that can inspire someone, but it's also a song that can help you find the strength to move forward.

Being a duo, how do you each contribute to the artistic vision along the way? What is the formula that allows you to create your best work?

We work well together, so we respect each other's creative process of being connected to any project that we may be working on at the time. We shoot ideas off of each other and gather a plan to execute from there. The formula that we follow is to be honest with our music and let it speak for itself. That way, the fans can authentically relate and grab hold of it.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing life to such a heartfelt piece?

Whenever we are writing a song like "Never Wanna See You," we have to start digging up old experiences and remembering old emotions and how certain situations made us feel. We have to be as transparent as possible when bringing life to a song like this.

What does "Never Wanna See You" say about you as artists and individuals?

As artists, it showcases that we are willing to explore and tap into raw emotions that, at some point in life, everyone tends to experience in some form of fashion. As individuals, it showcases that we are willing to open up our personal life to sprinkle a little passion into our music.

What's next for you?

We plan to keep evolving our signature sound and releasing music for our fans to keep connecting with and growing with us. We have our second EP, "Love Zone," dropping in February. We look forward to hitting the road soon and meeting and interacting with everyone.