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Journey Through the Life Of Anjasun With His Latest Single, "12"

In the presence of an innovative artist, we stumbled upon Anjasun; a multifaceted talent with a diverse range of skills. Born in Peru and a Los Angeles, California transplant, his life experiences and appreciation for Hip-hop culture have helped cultivate many inspirations for this young artist.

Making music to express himself, he aims to be a voice for people who are looking for something to set themselves free. Believing that artists are naturally inclined to be deep in all aspects, more specifically emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, he looks at his craft as something that can be physical, timeless, and priceless in this world.

Touring us through a Lofi illustration of self in his latest song “12,” the powerful messaging that resides throughout this record is truly one to relate with. Anjasun brings forth a brilliant representation of his craft as we get to simmer in the buoyant delivery that his vocal tone carries in the new wave of Hip-hop.

Coasting his own seas of the genre as he produces a multidimensional universe for us to teeter towards, there’s a vibrant scope of emotion that comes pouring in this masterpiece. Paired with a music video that depicts imagery of children living out their lives in the day-to-day motions that caress their development, we’re grateful for the eye-opening moments where we get to reflect on the youth that we all once experienced.

Anjasun manages to capture your attention and hold it within a generation that lacks the patience to rest with one’s own thoughts and self. “12,” not only paints a charismatic scenery to Anjasun’s audience, but it has you sifting through your own interpretation of the words he passionately performs.

Feeling as if we’re leaving this experience knowing more about the man behind the craft, “12” is a record that we’re happy to bask in as we recollect ourselves from the depth that this therapy session has brought forth.

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic Anjasun. We love the vulnerability that you expose to us in "12." Could you please share what motivated you to tell this side of yourself to your audience?

I feel like getting that vulnerable in my music was a blindspot before this release. I was motivated to expose this side of myself to my listeners because it's essential for an artist to tell their story. These are the type of tracks that become personal favorites for the audience because they have something they can relate to. It's like being a voice for the voiceless to feel less alone or feel a sign of hope.

Is this a formula that you tend to stick to when creating your music? What keeps you inspired as an artist?

I want to keep incorporating this into my art because I know that this is the type of work that will surpass the test of time. It's these tracks that people go back to for that nostalgic feeling. What keeps me inspired is pretty much anything and everything. I'm like a sponge constantly absorbing, getting bigger and bigger! Although I will have to say the ups and downs that life offers grind my gears artistically because I always have to be comfortable and expect the unexpected. This, to me, is vital not just in art but in development in general because life is all about change and growth.

What was it like filming the music video component to this masterpiece? What was the exact vision that you wanted to come across in this visual offering?

I knew right away once the song was recorded that this was one of the stronger leading singles for the album. So then I immediately envisioned a music video. The concept came easy to me. It was a film that was supposed to capture my childhood trauma due to my surroundings but still entertaining; you know, it's a vibe, a bop. I didn't just want to appeal to pathos and have it be emotionally overwhelming. The director Danillo Rodriguez and the boys over at Camo Visual production did just that. They did a great job of making sure the audience interpreted the song correctly through the visuals.

How does a song like "12" teach listeners more about yourself?

A song like "12" teaches listeners about my upbringing and how it has shaped me into the person I am today.

What's next for you?

Next for me is pumping more music videos with the same videographers I work with and new ones. I love being behind the camera. Also, a lot of marketing and advertising too so that I can keep growing. First, come, first always is more music, though. I'm excited to announce that I'm working on another project with the main producer and engineer that I work with, Dj Santi. We got some heat we are sitting on. Although this project will be a new and different vibe like I said earlier, life is all about growth, and my music displays that. I can't wait. I'm excited, and you should be too. Stay tuned!


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