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JR Amore Releases Music Video to Catchy Hip-Hop Track “Foolish Love”

Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, JR Amore is a budding rapper, singer, and songwriter who has just released a music video for his single “Foolish Love.”

Specializing in rap and singing, JR Amore doesn’t allow himself to be boxed in by one specific genre. He likes to draw aspects from multiple genres including hip-hop, R&B, and rock.

His recent release “Foolish Love” feels like a mixture of hip-hop and R&B due to its relaxed vibes and hip-hop beats. The first minute of both the song and the music video builds anticipation. With more of a faded soundscape and echoing vocals, and lacking any beat, it feels as though JR Amore is steadily working up to a higher energy level. The video reflects this feeling with blurry and shorter-lasting clips. Once fans are on the edge of their seats, the 808 trap beat kicks in and cranks “Foolish Love” up a whole notch.

Once again, the music video mirrors the energy change as JR Amore is seen with a bottle of Patron and a background of vibrantly colored clouds. It seems that both the visual and audio effects are more vivid from that point forward. As more of a chill rap and R&B style song, “Foolish Love” has a melody that you can sing along to, while still maintaining the integrity of a hip-hop song. JR Amore can hit all the high notes with his vocals but switches dynamically between high and lower-pitched verses.

For fans looking to experience the alluring audio and visual effect of “Foolish Love,” we highly recommend giving this video a watch.

Hello JR Amore and thanks for sharing with BuzzMusic what you've been up to. What was the production process like for your "Foolish Love" video? How did you come up with the location and subject?

The whole video for “Foolish Love” was shot in LA which is like my second home. Some shots were in front of a green screen while the others were shot throughout different locations in LA that included the Hollywood walk of fame, in front of Capitol Records, and a few others. Now when it came to dealing with having ideas on where to shoot the video, my bro Swigga Geovanni who was also the director of the video helped me come up with some ideas while we were walking to get food while I was visiting. I knew I wanted the video to show how I’m doing better in life after a past relationship that I had gotten out of and just capture what life is like now and include some future goals I have, which includes to sign a record deal one day & be the best artist/ entertainer I can be. That’s how shooting scenes by Capitol Records came about. After we got all the ideas together his good friend and now my bro, Demarcus Lamont. We all got together the next morning and just made it happen!

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrics of “Foolish Love?”

The lyrics in this song really just reflect a bit on my past relationship & how I was blind to a lot of things that I should have known in the first place. A lot of people say dang you must really hate that girl, but my song really isn’t intended to target her or anything. I just wanted my lyrics to convey how I felt in reality and now how I’ve moved on and she has as well & now I’m living my life to the fullest. Most of my lyrics when I write, I want to paint an image in the listener's head about my life. If they can relate then that’s great too, but in all reality, my lyrics are a reflection of either what I’ve been through, how I feel, or where I want to be in life. 

Are there any artists that inspire you? How do they influence your music style?

There is a lot of artists that inspire me & it’s not just from one genre of music. This list includes the late Juice Wrld, Khalid, Christ Brown, James Brown, even Blake Shelton. The list could go on and on, but most of these artists share one thing on common. They weren’t or aren’t afraid to be the real them. And the way they portray it in there music just motivates me from a lyrical standpoint to how you covey the lyrics. The different styles of music each artist does, allow me to get a better look at how to be a better artist, but still myself. 

What is your songwriting process? Is there anything that inspires you to write your music?

You might laugh, but my songwriting process starts with me locking myself in my bathroom. Besides it being the quietest place in my house, it’s the place where I’ve written most of my songs & the view in my backyard is nice and it kind of inspires me to write sometimes. Anyways after I lock myself in my bathroom, I either look through beats that producers have sent me or through type beats. If I can’t hear the lyrics in my head when I hear the beat, I won’t waste time on it. That’s just forcing something that isn’t there. Once I do find the right beat it’s over and the lyrics just naturally flow after that. And as far as motivation for my song, like I said it’s either a snapshot of my life at the moment, how I’m feeling, or what I want to happen. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I’m not gone lie with COVID & all the stuff going on in the media, things have been kind of rough in 2020 including the passing of my granddad who was like a father to me basically. With all that though I can still say 2020 is ok because aye, I’m still here and I’m still alive. A lot of people lost multiple loved ones this year rather it be to gun violence where I’m from to COVID around the world period. I’m moving farther and farther with my music in the right direction so that’s a positive. The real motivation for me though is just knowing where I could be if I grind to what I want the right way and that’s to be at the top of the music industry and entertainment business. I’m not at the top yet so there’s a long term goal in front of me that I want to and I’m going to accomplish, but until then I have work to get it accomplished. That’s what keeps me motivated and inspired in 2020.


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