Jr. Reminds Us That Growth Comes From Hard Work With “What I Want”

Jr. is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and calls himself the KentuckyATLien. Jr. is a multi-talented artist who has already dropped two mixtapes called “The Signature” and “New Renaissance.” “What I Want” is his first release of 2020, and he is also set to release another mixtape this year called “The Chronicles of the Misunderstood”. Jr. also founded the independent record label Young Legends Entertainment of which he is the only artist. “What I Want” is a rap, hip-hop song that creates an electronic, yet chill atmosphere. There’s something about “What I Want” that makes it stand out from other rap songs; it combines a hype “get in the zone” feeling and smooth vibes into one song. The backtrack has a steady beat that you’ll want to bop along to, as well as electronic undertones.

Lyrically, Jr. writes about his growth that resulted from hard work. He sings the lyrics “why you worry about me” followed soon after by “is it cause I’m out getting what I want while you don’t?” The lyrics put into perspective the time and effort that it takes to succeed in achieving personal goals. Considering his many mixtapes and founding his own record label, Jr. is definitely in a place where he can sing about the rewards of hustling. Bringing his life experiences into his music is what makes “What I Want” a personal and original track.

Listen to "What I Want" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jr.! Talk to us a little bit about your stage name. What's the story behind "Jr."? I really appreciate you for letting me tell you about myself. Little things like this make me feel good about myself and my belief in this music journey. “Jr.” is my suffix actually because I’m named after my dad. Ever since I thought about doing music, even when I was a teen, I have called myself Jr. in the music world. 

You have some great accomplishments under your belt, including surpassing 100k streams on your released music. What's that like?  Honestly, it tells me I can do this at the highest level by continuing to work and develop my sound. It’s cool, but I know I can be and do greater. But when I really look at it from the outside in, it is an accomplishment. I would just say I’m ready to build on it as much as I can. 

We really enjoyed your single “What I Want”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

What I Want is one of those tracks I did whereas soon the song starts and you hear that animated beat start to ride - it automatically took me into the DC Universe and I immediately thought of Batman’s “The Dark Knight” movie (hence the cover art). And the hook, verse mixed in with my personal feelings all came out right away in the songwriting process.

What inspired you to write "What I Want”?

I’ve been having a lot of toxic people and energies in my life these past few years. And basically, two years ago I had a friend who told another one of my friends that like my energy was changing or some bs.. ironically at the same time... our friend (who he told that to) was blowing up in football. And now that friend is like a major player in the NFL now for a team that just made the playoffs this year actually... s/o to him though. And just knowing the energy and buzz in my city of Louisville, KY right now. There’s a lot of people trying to get it in music and I feel like a lot of people sometimes sneak diss or feel some type of way that I can actually be one of the people who can do this at an elite level.. but downplay me and my music because of that. This song was basically made from all of that toxic energy that I’ve been holding in for a while. It’s like a release. Now I’m not afraid to release it anymore like I used to be.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I plan on releasing a project this year called “The Chronicles of the Misunderstood”. And also a slew of singles that I got ready to keep the spring and summer lit. This is going to be one of those years where I just release a lot of deeply crafted music. Oh.. and I also got a smooth R&B ballad called “Stay With Me” with an amazing singer named Phil. I’m actually heading to NYC this weekend to shoot a music video with him on that collaboration.. so I’m very excited about that because we were working on getting that song out and a visual shot for months now. So that’s probably the next song that will be coming from me!