Jr. Rhodes Grabs the Attention of Major Label Executives Worldwide With His Latest Single, "SNL"

Before Jr. Rhodes was a compelling hip-hop virtuoso found on hits like "Shoot!"; he was a quick-spitter who made a name for himself out of Edmonton, Alberta. It's no doubt the best Jr. Rhodes songs are full of hijinks and momentum, and it's not uncommon for his songs to match the oomph of "SNL," the centerpiece of this year's high-powered opening season for Hip-Hop music. Performing with steel stalk intensity, the snappy hooks turn heads as sentences merge by meticulously arranged messages make the verses and chorus of this song shine like pearls along with a necklace. The open bolt, rifle-like rhythmic flow, is largely present throughout his pursuit for the ostentatious hip-hop endeavor, and "SNL" proves he is still capable of unloading a clip of well-versed lines, and addictive magnetism alongside a deeply driven 808 sub.

A chunk of his long-awaited previously released EP, "Innermission" weaponizing the use of his energetic triplet influenced flow, with excessive swagger and bounce, but "SNL" is where it is most strikingly straight and distinguished. He excites at his fluency on the verse, "I was born on the mic, left the womb heated," before unleashing an onomatopoeic barrage of self-declarations in the chorus' hook. "SNL" doesn't draw from the overproduced, underwhelming transmissions of some of his predecessors, and it is spectacular in how consistent his work turns out with his innovative approach to Hip-hop. To this effect, Rhodes is in rare form here. When his rapping relinquishes a final repetition of the hook in the quick fading closing short, it's easy to conclude that he is quickly emerging as one of Canada's most anticipated newcomers.

You can find "SNL" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jr. Rhodes! We're inspired to be experiencing this song for the first time. How did you endeavor to establish the flow and lyricism you highlight on some of this new single? Does it come naturally to you?

I’d say it's all based on how I’m feeling. I think as an artist you should release music that portrays how you’re feeling. On SNL, I was looking to create a fun vibe, while writing about situations in my life. The writing process comes naturally to me, as I write throughout the day, but forming into the song it turned out to take a lot of time and patience.

Who do you believe has the most significant musical impact on your earliest in life?

I grew up listening to artists like Nas and Tupac, but it wasn’t until I started getting into artists like Logic and J. Cole that made my artist style the way it is. I study a lot of hip-hop, like writing tendencies and how to use cadence properly, so I definitely think J. Cole and Logic were, and still are, the artists with the most musical impact on me.

When you think about this person, and the connection they share to where they were raised/came up in, do you find any similarities in your own life story?

In some ways yes. I wouldn’t go as far as to say we had a similar upbringing but definitely certain things they talk about in songs I can relate to and draw similarities from. It allows me to understand how they were able to talk about certain situations the way they did, which taught me how to do so in my own style.

Thank you for spending this time with us here at BuzzMusic! Are there any upcoming collaborations you've been working on that we should keep an eye out for?

Collaborations somewhat, I’ve been open to doing more features right now. Been working with some really talented artists like KAVI, topboypoison, & Daslowkey, but I’m definitely working on growing what I have going on.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Dropping a project at some point, hopefully during the summer. Most likely 6 songs, we are just going through all the songs we have done and seeing what makes the most sense to be on the project. Other than that some singles. Even planning a show, which got delayed due to COVID-19, so hopefully, we can get that planned again.