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JR Shows Us Why He’s “Born A King”

JR is a bay area born and raised rapper who began rapping at the age of 12 years old. Before then, he used to write poetry about his life and his upbringing at the early ages of 9. Some of his biggest influences growing up were Tupac, Biggie, E40, Mac Dre, G-Eazy, drake and Nipsey Hussle. It’s been ten years and JR is currently turning heads with all this recent love he’s receiving on his tracks. JR aims to be a role model, with a story to tell.

JR released the single titled “Born A King”, and if the title wasn’t captivating enough for you? Then maybe it’s the satisfying beat drops that shakes the tables!? Or maybe it’s the raw lyricism that brings the light to JR’s songwritng skills? Whatever it is, “Born A King” has you intrigued! The lyrics felt more personal to JR and his life. poetically telling a story to us. You can tell JR grabs his influences from legendary rappers who knows how to spit fire and give strong lyrics. This is easily interpreted while listening to “Born A King” and feeling the passion of everything he’s saying. It’s like rather you relate to the song or not, you can put yourself in the artist shoes and enjoy the song to its full capacity. The beat still gives a trendy appeal. With a hard-hitting bass and a trap-like production, “Born A King” is the perfect song to catch a tough vibe too!

Listen to “Born A King” here and get to know more about JR below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us JR! With a background in poetry, is writing a song almost natural for you? What are some challenges and obstacles you may face?

Song writing has always come naturally to me as a kid rhyming words an coming up with songs has always came natural because i have a had a crazy life an i have stories to tell its always been easier to put it to a beat the hardest part for me is choruses i would say 

Tell us about the record “Born A King”. This song seems to have a strong lyrical substance to it! What’s the theme of it?

The theme of the song is just me feeling like a king because im here with everything i been through in this life i could be in jail i could of been dead homeless etc i over came alot of life obstacles to get were im at i know i got along way to go in this music industry there is so much i wanna accomplish but being me an were im at from were i came from im a king in my on mind 

What emotion did you channel in for yourself while writing “Born A King”?

I channeled life emotion for this im grateful to be in the position im in my life could of went alot of different ways so being able to express an explain my story i will always be thankful for 

You named many greats as your influences! After listening to “Born A King”, which one of them do you feel served the most inpsiration for the arrangement and delivery of the song!?

I would honestly say the most inspiration for this song came from alittle of e40 an nipsey hussle honestly coming from the dirty turning nothing to something is what they did an what im trying to do 

What’s next for you JR?

What's next for me tryna fill my summer up with shows an drop my album in August hopefully get my music to the world an hope people can hear my struggle an be inspired 


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