JSPH Release “Lying to Yourself” In Preparation For Upcoming EP “Abide”

Photo by: Jonathan Chia

Joseph Nevels known as JSPH is a talented singer, previously a law school-graduate originating from Kentucky. JSPH has been featured on NPR Music, KCRW and more notably on Pharell’s Beats1 playlist for his single titled, “Breathe”. Within a short time of living in LA he's seen airtime on Los Angeles' NPR Station (KCRW) and performed a stellar show at the highly respected music venue Hotel Cafe in Hollywood; a place known for breaking talent nationally. Since then, JSPH has consistently released smash singles. JSPH’s much-anticipated EP “Abide” is set to drop later this fall!

Photo by: Delphina Loren

“Lying to Yourself,” is the first single from the project and was produced by DJ Corbett who has also worked with Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Nipsey Hussle. “Lying to Yourself” is straight to the point and direct, you can feel the passion throughout this song combined with his usual witty lyrics. Blending soulful pop tones with meandering R&B progressions, resulting in an ultimately creative aura that stylishly walks the line between R&B dance vibes and something a little closer to hip hop, the single moves to the beat of its own drum.JSPH drives with a sense of intention, and plenty of space. The soundscape on this leans partly towards those late-night vibes but partly resides somewhere a little harder hitting. By the time the track comes to an end, that backbeat has energized the room, and that hook has softly but surely woven its way into your ear. “Lying to Yourself” puts JSPH’s heart on display and everything about the delivery and the structure works hard to reflect that. There’s plenty more music to come, stay tuned! 

Listen to “Lying to Yourself” here


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