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Ju$ Paints a Vivid Picture with the Powerful Single, "City of Hate."

Hip-Hop artist Ju$ releases a hard-hitting new single, “City of Hate,” off of his new album “Ju$ a Preview (Extended)”

Ju$ is an up and coming rapper based out of Florida. Originally from Philadelphia, Ju$ made the move to gain an appreciation for different cultures while trying to have a more universal appeal.

As an artist who takes musical influences from multiple genres including Funk, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Soul, and Blues, Ju$ found this particularly important to establish himself as an artist.

With musical influences from his earliest memories, he has found being inside a recording studio home. To the moves he continues to make, Ju$ doesn’t plan on letting up by allowing his music to speak for himself.

“City of Hate,” opens up with the smooth elements of samples and backing vocals setting the tone for the record. The empowering delivery of Ju$ quickly pulls you into the message he has to relay. This up-tempo track carries components that have you deep into your headspace while the beat feeds you sonic pleasure as you are embraced by the powerful progression being sent through your headphones.

The title of the song says it all. This song is about the struggles of living a street life while working hard towards your aspirations. It shines a light that the environment that you’re intends to raise you in.

The clear and present vocalization of Ju$’s delivery adds power to this track that is needed to get his message across in the carefully crafted lyrics he pens. The profound lyricism and aptitude to transport us to his own mindset are exceptional.

Ju$ instantly paints the image for you. The burning passion achieved behind each word performed creates a sonic voyage in this piece titled “City of Hate.”

Ju$ has a list of goals to accomplish and he is merely grazing the surface with all that he is destined to do.

Listen to "City of Hate," here.


With such a powerful message in "City of Hate," what is your reasoning behind making this the single off of your album?

I wanted to show my diversity as an artist by being able to walk the fine line between commercial appeal and critical acclaim. Also, in my city and inner cities all over the world, there is a lot of violence and negativity stemming from poverty, so I wanted to highlight what happens on a daily basis from my experiences and also from my friends.

What is the meaning of this song to you as an artist?

When you're trying to come up in these hoods, it’s always something or somebody trying to bring you back down. Always keep that in the back of your mind when I make music I think of the long term effects I want my music to be listened to and analyzed for years to come also to inspire others.

What was the studio session like when creating “City of Hate”?

I actually wrote the songs awhile before I got into the studio this is a song I rewrote (Something I rarely do) because I didn’t even have a studio I could go to often like now (I’ll talk about that in another interview.)

The session was cool though really smooth I did everything in about 2 takes it was recorded and mixed under an hour I don’t waste to much time in the studio I get in then get out.

Could you take us into what your creative process looks like?

Whenever I write I usually play the beat and go off the title of the beat if one is there from there the melody/flow comes almost instantly then the lyrics come as well I hear everything quickly it’s like a rush of an overflow of ideas cramping my head I quickly have to grab a pen to write them down I look at rap from a position of a conversation that rhymes with sometimes melody or harmony so it isn’t that bad hard coming up with stuff I tend to listen to a lot of music outside of rap for influence as well I look at my style is being a writer with lyrics than a rapper with bars if that makes sense. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Everything I can get inspired from the smallest of things a conversation I might have had with somebody might influence a song or a phrase might start a song or it might be how I’m feeling at moment with a lot of things going on in the world it gives me opportunities to talk about a lot and reflect especially during this pandemic. Well, I just dropped a new single with two b-sides on all streaming platforms called Blame U Feat M.E.L expect another single this month called “Imagine” after that I’ll be getting ready to drop a couple of more songs with some people and videos then a new project sometime 2021 it’s a collaborative effort that’s all imma say on that for now.

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