Jude Inspires Artists to Write Music From the Heart

Hello Jude, welcome to BUZZMUSIC and thank you for being here! Your music has brought joy to the lives of many people. When did you decide to make this empowering music? 

Thanks for having me, it’s truly an honor and privilege. Music was always a way of escape for me, from the heartache, trials, and tribulations. No matter how difficult the times were I always chose to write words of encouragement and inspiration that I’ve wanted someone to offer me. 

You have gone through hardships and come out a better and brighter person, you often draw from this to create your music. What are some of your inspirations when it comes to songwriting? 

In a world that embraces and glorifies negativity, I try to just offer a positive unique perspective during perilous times. My inspirations are to always uplift and motivate. That’s just me remaining true to who Jude is.

Your music is very upbeat and uses some elements that are popular in the EDM genre. What is your song production process like? 

Awesome question, the majority of my songs derive from a feeling that begins to take on its own idea as the writing process progresses. The second phase is trying to capture that moment in time and hit the studio with the same energy I had creating the song. The final phase consists of listening to the song repetitively and making the necessary revisions.

You have achieved notable success so far, with the release of your first two singles. In the future, what other plans do you have to grow your music career? 

I’m looking to conduct more interviews as the project is in the final stages of mastering, to bring awareness. Honestly, with social media being such a vital tool for marketing, I plan on using that to my advantage once the project is finished. I’m thoroughly ecstatic for fans to hear this project, as it gives insight into the personal life of Jude; the good the bad and the ugly.

What can fans expect next from you, Jude? 

Thank you for talking with us and congratulations on your song "Tears." Thank you all so much for the support and love that you’ve shown thus far. Fans can expect a tour TBA!!! Shows coming in future months to be announced on my FB artist page “JUDE”. And the upcoming release of my sophomore project titled “Translucent”


Listen to Jude's latest release "Tears" on Spotify.