Jude Nunez Releases “Who Gives Me Strength” Off His Atmospheric Album, “Questions & Answers”

Music has always played a big part in Jude Nunez life. Not only as an outlet, but the music was also the only escape from the chaos that surrounded him. At a very young age, Jude Nunez parents discovered his natural talent for singing and playing instruments. Becoming so proud of Jude Nunez natural talent, they began having him performing in a local church. He, a timid soft-spoken wallflower; found it to be almost impossible to get along with his “larger than life” siblings.

Jude Nunez released his single titled “Who Gives Me Strength” and what was so fascinating about this record was the initial motivational message he gives us. Going into “Who Gives Me Strength” we had no idea what we were going to receive. However, the style of the song was surprising but a pleasant offer from Jude. the atmospheric beat even showed slight elements of electronic and dance. The production was detailed with valleyed and thorough dimensions that went in-depth. But Jude’s vocals were AMAZING. I can honestly go on and on about how sensational his voice was. It reminded me of the classic keyed vocalists in the past era of pop music. As astonishing it may sound, but the way he hit the high register gave me similar chills Michael Jackson would give when he would strikingly carry his voice into his upper register. Jude’s voice is sweet, mellifluous, and breathtaking with a significant amount of soul presented in the texture of it. “Who Gives Me Strength” was a pleasant offering from a powerful artist on the rise!

Listen to "Who Gives Me Strength" here and get to know more about Jude Nunez below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jude Nunez! How did you find your niche in music?

Well, growing up we only listened to Gospel music at home. As much as I loved the message, it was directed only to the believer. As I got older, I branched out and found that I connected with R&B style music because of the emotion behind each song and how I related to it. By fusing the two together I created a story for the audience to not only feel but also connect with on a personal level.

Who would you consider some of your inspirations and influences for your style and sound?

I would have to say Justin Timberlake! He’s a major inspiration that pushed me to become a recording artist in the first place. My main influences come from the 90’s R&B artists such as Boys II Men, Black Street, and Kirk Franklin.

Let’s talk about “Who Gives Me Strength”. The opener was a nice message delivered to the listener. In what ways does this message represent you and your story?

My song speaks of hope beyond understanding, that no matter what came my way I faced it head on. Bruised and broken but never defeated. I didn’t have the easiest childhood. I learned very quickly the harsh realities of life for a sheltered impoverished latino kid. I knew I had to grow a thick skin or else I was going to drown in the chaos. Despite it all, deep down I believed that it was only temporary and one day it would get better if I just stayed focused, believed in God’s promises, and did everything in my power to get there.

What was the major theme behind “Who Gives Me Strength”? How did you aim to deliver that?

To believe in yourself and never give up!! Too many times I have witnessed so many close friends and family abandon their dreams or goals they set for themselves because the journey seemed too hard or long. Yes, it’ll hurt and failure is guaranteed to set you back or force you to start again, but the moment we surrender is the moment we single handedly kill our own chance to make those dreams a reality. In other words, this song is to give the listener that extra push to make it to the finish line.

Let’s talk about your album “Questions & Answers”. We took a listen to a few of your songs off that project and It was absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites was “Cloudy Dreams”! We noticed “Who Gives Me Strength” was the opening song on the album. Was this purposely arranged as the chronological opener? How does this song reflect the album’s theme!?

Thank you, “Cloudy Dreams” is definitely one of my favorites too! Yes absolutely, I wanted to show right off the bat what the tone was going to be like for the entire album. “Who Gives Me Strength” sums up the entire album within the songs message, it has its ups and downs, twists and turns like a crazy roller coaster ride!

What’s next for you Jude Nunez?

Currently I am working on a spanish album and a follow up album, so I have a lot of work ahead of me haha!! I am nearly done with the single to the second album so look out for that

later this year.


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