JUDY Stuns the R&B Scene With Her Passionate Debut Single, "Fool Yourself"

Dutch Artist and Singer/Songwriter JUDY releases her longing and desirous debut single titled, "Fool Yourself."

With inspirations like BANKS, James Blake, Kevin Garrett, H.E.R., and Snoh Aleegra, JUDY blurs the lines between Alternative R&B and Soul/Jazz, allowing listeners to drift into a daydream with her tender instrumentals and angelic vocals. 

Her debut single "Fool Yourself" brings listeners deep into a reflective and passionate state of mind as JUDY sings a saddening tale of seeking clarity from someone's actions. The mellow R&B instrumentals bring an incredibly serene atmosphere through calming keys and soft drum patterns that add a slice of modernity to such a timeless track.

"Fool Yourself" begins with sole R&B keys and JUDY's broad vocal range. As she begins to sing her story of wanting someone and dreaming of their love, she paints surreal images of passion and desire into her delicate lyricism. 

The surrounding R&B instrumentals subtly swell into a sublime downtempo tune that keeps listeners in a calm and reflective state of mind. With incredible use of slow trap drums that flutter through the song's high end, JUDY's broad vocal range adds to the vast atmosphere and pulls us in with her dynamic vocal delivery.

JUDY has captured such poise and elegance within her debut single "Fool Yourself," while giving listeners lyrical content they can heavily relate with and find peace in.

Congratulations on the hefty release of your passionate debut single, "Fool Yourself." What pushed you to take this desirous and wishful approach within your first debut single?

Thank you so much!! Within my first single, I wanted to create an atmosphere that I connect with the most as an artist. Although the song is super minimalistic, I don’t think it needed a lot more to create this mellow and floaty feeling that I wanted. Also, I always feel more connected to the energy of a song than its lyrics, so the most important thing to me is that I express ‘my story’ through the vibe of the song. I felt like the instrumental vibe of ‘Fool Yourself’ was really intense, so I wanted the lyrics to match that intensity level.

How did you go about merging genres like Alt-R&B, Soul, and Jazz within your sonic creative process for "Fool Yourself"? Did you have any producers help with the song's production and instrumentals?

‘Fool Yourself’ was produced by Kauwboy (Levi de Hoon) and has a real alt-r&b beat! People always tell me that my voice has a ‘soul vibe’ to it, but I can’t say this track is merged with any jazz. Of course, this is my first single and these are the genres that I want to create music in, but one day I’d love to create a song that has all 3 genres. In the end, almost every music genre descends from other music genres, so there are many similarities between them!

Now that you've released a heavy R&B single as your debut, do you plan on sticking with this desirous tone in your songs? Or do you aspire to try different experimental songwriting approaches as well?

I don’t really see myself as a ‘good’ songwriter (yet!), so I definitely want to challenge and improve myself and try different songwriting approaches! My most favorite genre would be this heavy r&b, but also in that department, I want to keep on challenging myself. I’ve been working my ass off to create more music and this ‘different approach’ might be closer than you think!

You've mentioned that you express your music through colors and contrasts. Could you explain what you meant by this, and how you implement this statement into your brand?

I’m a very visual person and therefore I find visual expressions almost as important as the music itself. With platforms like Instagram or just the artwork of a single, I think it’s so important that these visuals match the vibe of your song. That’s why I want to create artworks where there’s a main color who represents the ‘vibe’, in combination with other colors to create contrasts.

For example: In the artwork of ‘Fool Yourself,’ the main colors are just black and white, because of the song’s intense but minimalistic approach. The song also has that floaty and spacy feeling and that’s why I created this holographic filter with ‘space colors’ like purple/blue and yellow/green. During the release week of Fool Yourself, I also uploaded teasers on my Instagram every day in that same style to match that vibe. The next main color is going to be orange, so start guessing!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I’ve always been someone that has had big dreams and wanted to do everything at once. Due to the Coronavirus and being more by myself, I’ve realized that it isn’t bad at all to take baby steps and enjoy the little accomplishments. I’m not quite where I want to be in taking more time for myself to relax, but I keep in mind… baby steps!