Juliah Musically Paints The Canvas With Her Release, “Love”

Juliah is a young singer and songwriter, audio engineer, and producer. She believes in the authenticity, intimacy, and rawness in music. Approaching people to tell stories, with feelings they can relate to, in a real and genuine way. Her first EP project titled “The Acoustic Season” presented her real and raw personality aspect. Her goal is to make music forever and make music speak when the words fall.

I personally believe music is equivalent to regular art. I mean, it is an artform correct? Some art is the curation of images and a unique storyline to complement them. So when we took a listen to the acoustic version of “Love” by Juliah, we felt that she painted the canvas fully. With her unique vocal articulation that resonated with a cursive-like tone, Juliah atmospherically creates an romantically driven image in our head with her poetic lyrics and relatable lines. Listening to “Love” you’re personally thinking about your own individual experiences with the emotion. What does love mean to you? Have you ever felt love? If you answered either questions then this song is the song for you. But what about those who never experienced the emotion of love? Always desired what it felt like? Well we can garauntee that regardless the experience you have with “Love”, Juliah’s acoustically melodic version of “Love” will shoot sensations and emotions down your spine! Take a listen to this breezy and relaxing tune, delivered by a simplistic yet detailed vocalist!

Check out "Love" here and read more below in our interview with Juliah!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Juliah! What motivated you to begin making music? What are some other hobbies of yours?

Music has always spoken for me. I went through some emotional stuff very early in life, so, as a teenage I was very closed and protective about my feelings, and I couldn’t express it with words, but there was always an artist who understood you very well and had those words you couldn’t find out there as a melody, rhythm, expressing your emotions through harmonies.