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Juliah Musically Paints The Canvas With Her Release, “Love”

Juliah is a young singer and songwriter, audio engineer, and producer. She believes in the authenticity, intimacy, and rawness in music. Approaching people to tell stories, with feelings they can relate to, in a real and genuine way. Her first EP project titled “The Acoustic Season” presented her real and raw personality aspect. Her goal is to make music forever and make music speak when the words fall.

I personally believe music is equivalent to regular art. I mean, it is an artform correct? Some art is the curation of images and a unique storyline to complement them. So when we took a listen to the acoustic version of “Love” by Juliah, we felt that she painted the canvas fully. With her unique vocal articulation that resonated with a cursive-like tone, Juliah atmospherically creates an romantically driven image in our head with her poetic lyrics and relatable lines. Listening to “Love” you’re personally thinking about your own individual experiences with the emotion. What does love mean to you? Have you ever felt love? If you answered either questions then this song is the song for you. But what about those who never experienced the emotion of love? Always desired what it felt like? Well we can garauntee that regardless the experience you have with “Love”, Juliah’s acoustically melodic version of “Love” will shoot sensations and emotions down your spine! Take a listen to this breezy and relaxing tune, delivered by a simplistic yet detailed vocalist!

Check out "Love" here and read more below in our interview with Juliah!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Juliah! What motivated you to begin making music? What are some other hobbies of yours?

Music has always spoken for me. I went through some emotional stuff very early in life, so, as a teenage I was very closed and protective about my feelings, and I couldn’t express it with words, but there was always an artist who understood you very well and had those words you couldn’t find out there as a melody, rhythm, expressing your emotions through harmonies. 

Music has been part of me since forever. I sing since I was 4 years old, started writing poems around 7, and at 8, I started making up rhythms to those poems and to stories I made up, and wrote them down. Then when things got tough, I started writing about my feelings. 

Music became therapy to me, and I started pursuing it because I love how it can make such a huge impact on people’s lives. 

Music made me go places, and explore myself and my mind, to be able to understand me better, so I could understand the world and people on it better, and be able to make a change. 

Through music, I wanna be able to give people stories to relate to, with feelings they can relate to. I wanna be a voice to my generation. I want to be able to help young woman, and people my age to find themselves, and make it the best of it, the better version.

Music is my way of trying to fix the things I see wrong in the world, at least help, make a bigger impact on political, social issues, as I said, representing people my age and likeminded. Which, can say a lot about my hobbies! (Haha) I like exploring the world, expanding the mind, learning different things, living different experiences, making memories, these are my hobbies, and I do them in so many different ways, so I’ll leave it as it is to save a lot words and time haha 

Knowing you’re skilled in all fields of the music spectrum, which is the most challenging for you? Engineering? Songwriting? Or singing?

Certainty, each of them has different difficulties I deal with, so, all of them are challenging in a different way. 

In engineering one of the most challenging things is having to balance out the technical side with the creative side sometimes. Which is also the best thing when you’re able to combine both. 

In songwriting it’s hard to point out, because it’s so natural to me, to just write my emotions down as stories, but it’s still challenging to put out to the world something so intimate and genuine for you, coming out so vulnerable a lot of times. Being so honest about your feelings, and just so you can reach people that’ll relate to that.

In singing, a challenge I had before was my insecurities of being inexperienced, that with time and going after a solution for that I got over. 

Singing has always been something very simple and raw to me, so my biggest challenge, now, is keeping up with the technicalities of singing, and using your voice in the right way. Specially in pop culture where you have to sing perfectly inside their rules and spectrum of techniques to be considered a “good singer.” Which I find it hard to believe, so I might come to contradict some rules places upon us. 

Let’s talk about your EP, “The Acoustic Season” what is the main theme you’re hoping to translate from this?

“The Acoustic Session” started as an idea of putting out music in a very simple, raw, intimate and genuine way, where people could see that I’m just a very honest and real person. I’m not here to play pretend, to live for an image, I’m here to present my music and my stories, with the realest side of me, that may not fit standards put out there, but it’s exactly how I want to reach people everywhere. Also, I have more stories to tell, that’ll take form of fantasy, using all types of art possible. So, it’s important for people to see the real person behind an artist so we can relate to them better. 

In what ways does “Love” fit into the aesthetic of your EP? 

“Love” represents a lot of sides of me. This song expresses some struggles with yourself when in a relationship, specially early on. It represents what love has always meant to me, as an intense person, going through a lot when young, and being able to appreciate it as it really is. Being able to feel love for yourself, and give it to people, genuinely, not waiting for anything in exchange. Because if there is a message music has always spread out across the world, that’s love. There’s no better way for me to start spreading my message and art. 

What’s next for you Juliah?

This is just the beginning, introduction, it’s the main part, the foundation of my music, raw, intimate and genuine. What I have for the future is to introduce people to new sides of me, where the artist in me will be fully expressing herself, through every type of art. I have written, and will start the production of my next singles, EP, album, whatever the future holds, very soon. I’m teaming up with other artists to make this an amazing project, that goes way beyond just music, and working my way around hard to make it possible. The songs will be more complex production wise, so I can really express the messages in a very big scale this time. 

I’m very excited to present to the world my next project, my next chapter, my new characters. And giving BuzzMusic a little insight of it, it’s an absolute honor. I’m extremely glad and flattered to be able to introduce myself and my art with you support!

May my message here in this interview get more and more people to engage and hop on this amazing ride with me. 


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