Julian Jermaine Is Ambitious and Always Ready To “Go And Get It”

Julian Jermaine is making waves in the hip-hop music scene with his witty bars and diverse style. His music is a breath of fresh air mixed with soulful street poetry, a commercial ability without sacrificing content. When asked why he raps such soulful and gritty words through tales of struggle, Julian says “Although music is a way of entertainment I want to inspire and motivate giving a visual of hope through struggle, while reproducing the feeling rap first gave me and to also amplify the whisper of God and put more positive energy and love back into the world through the eyes of a Michigan kid from the bottom.” Julian’s belief is that music is a global language and art is perspective. Rapping since 2001, Julian began creating music when he was 15 years old. With many EP’s and a slew of singles under his belt, Julian Jermaine is always releasing relevant content. 

“Go and Get It” is not only a great track that’s produced to the highest quality, but it leads with a smooth and easily memorable hook. Anthem-like as a whole, “Go and Get It” is also a bold and striking introduction to Julian Jermaine if you haven’t heard his work before. Despite the multilayered soundscape and the hard-hitting bars, no moment is wasted. “Go and Get It” can be described as nothing other than being on point, on the level, and impressively crafted. As far as contemporary hip hop goes, this release manages to effectively walk the line between the classic and the new. An easy stand out for summer 2019, and a track we should rightfully expect to hear across the airwaves and globally for the foreseeable future.

Check out “Go and Get It” here and read more with Julian Jermaine below!

Hey Julian Jermaine! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We were vibing with your track “Go and Get It”! What does this song represent for you?

For me it represents overcoming adversity overcoming what people say you can’t do. It’s basically motivation to get through all of the negativity that can be thrown at you when pursuing your dreams or goals.

What has been one of your most memorable or life changing achievements as an artist so far?

Just really finally getting an opportunity for the world to hear my art through global distribution. It’s an exciting time for an artist to control their own image and catalog via the internet.

What are your thoughts on mainstream hip hop at present, and your hopes for the genre going forward?

I really think the culture is at a shifting and blending point. Meaning that the younger generation has brought a unique sound that if done right will create another sub-genre within hip-hop I’m not super happy with lyrics for a period of time kind of taking a backseat but ultimately I think it’s steering back towards the craft and soul of lyricism. I just hope that we continue to push the culture with genuine and unique sounds instead of everything sounding the same at times.

How important is it to tell your own unique and honest story in hip hop?

I think it’s super important I think we have to always remain unique to our own story I think that is what creates exciting new artists, because you’re bringing people into your world and giving them a very real view of who you are and were you come from. A perspective of what has shaped me up to this point. Hip hop has always expanded by opening up a small view of the neighborhoods we come from, therefore altering and adding to the culture through style, slang and like wise social and economic problems in our communities.

After almost 20 years of making music, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the music industry?

To never give up, always focus on your art, never take any opportunity for granted and respect the artists who helped build the genre to the global phenomenon that it is today.


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