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Jump Into the “Mosh Pit” With Hvnnibvl and Keioh’s New Single

From Buffalo to Los Angeles, pop recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Hvnnibvl invites us to wash our sorrows away in a "Mosh Pit" alongside Sydney-born artist and producer Keioh.

Hvnnibvl first took the music scene by the horns in 2014 with anthemic and vibrant pop tunes. He went on to amass millions of streams while opening for acts like Lil Uzi Vert, blackbear, Poppy, THEY., and more. After relocating to Los Angeles and headlining spots at UCLA, The Satelite, and more, Hvnnibvl has quickly become an artist to keep an eye on.

The same goes for featured artist Keioh in their latest single, "Mosh Pit." Known for blurring the lines between r&b, hip-hop, and lo-fi, Keioh's anthemic and punchy production alongside Hvnnibvl's expressive vocals make this song a true treat for the ears.

Expanding on the new single, "Mosh Pit," the experience opens with Hvnnibvl's warm and crisp vocals alongside thrilling rhythm guitar riffs and twinkling instrumentals that throw us into a lively hook. Listening to Hvnnibvl's emotion-rich vocals, he expands on feeling like he's losing control and trying to navigate through a killer mosh pit.

It's an incredibly cathartic song that dances the lines between punk rock and pop with sharp production and thrilling organic instrumentals that hit us with the force of rock. Hvnnibvl's performance is so gripping; he uses every ounce of energy to grab our attention and express those built-up emotions while trying to get someone out of his head once and for all.

When you're ready to throw your elbows through the mosh pits of life, hit play on Hvnnibvl and Keioh's new single, "Mosh Pit," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Hvnnibvl. We adore the emotion-rich and high-energy atmosphere you've created with your new single, "Mosh Pit." What inspired this highly cathartic and expressive single?

I’ve always liked Pop Punk - I was a huge fan of both Green Day and Fall Out Boy for a large part of my youth. The genre got replaced in the mainstream with EDM and Hip Hop, but now you’re seeing artists start to blend Pop Punk with those genres or entirely just bring it back to the mainstream. So, I figured this was my chance to do the same and make an angsty, Pop Punk tune with a hint of Hip Hop.

What was it like working alongside Sydney-born artist Keioh for "Mosh Pit?" What was your collaborative experience like?

Keioh is a phenomenal guitar player and overall musician. Originally I was just doing to do sampling work with the guitars, but he took a listen to the demo and said he wanted to recreate the parts on the real guitar. So I let him run with it and he gave me some unreal guitar parts to throw into my mix. I actually have a show in Los Angeles at The Peppermint Club on July 30th and he’s going to be playing guitar for the set, which includes “Mosh Pit”.

Do you usually create such anthemic nods to punk rock, like your recent single "Mosh Pit?" Is this expressive and familiar sound a staple for you?

Honestly, no. This was my first time going full-fledged Pop Punk on a song. I’ve always known I could make this style of music, but I never saw the opening to do so until now. The next closest thing in my catalog that even slightly comes close to this song is my single “Losin My Mind”, but that is far more of a laid-back head-nodder. “Mosh Pit” is really special to me because of how big of a change and risk it was to put something like this out - there’s no way anyone in my fan base would have thought this was coming.

What was the most rewarding part about creating and releasing "Mosh Pit?" What did you get out of the experience?

Being a producer and engineer as well, I’d say the most rewarding part of this song was having the final product come out the way it did sonically. I’ve spent some serious hours producing and mixing this track because using Rock instrumentation is so far from anything I’ve ever had to mix or make. There were definitely some moments where I had no idea if I was going to be able to get a quality result out of this song and do it the justice that I knew it deserved, but eventually, I got it. I’m really happy with how it turned out and have gotten really cool feedback so far - so who knows, maybe now that I’ve done this once I can make another.

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