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Jump Moon's "Well" Is Everything You Need In Your Life Right Now

Canadian rock band Jump Moon based out of Oakville, Canada debuted their first full-length studio album“Paranormal Activity”. The band, consisting of four members; Mourad Iskander, Erick Chavez, Nick Bellingshausen and Gabriel Moore delivered a tune that's got our attention!

“Well”, one of the singles on Paranormal Activity has got to be one of our favorite tracks on the year! It's a soft and powerful track that consists of acoustic guitars and a modern rock feel. The band provides a beginning guitar riff that delves into the melodious vocals and lyrics. You know when you're sitting around a campfire and everyones tapping their hands to their knees and a sing-a-long starts amongst your group? "Well" is the song that you'd be singing. We totally find ourselves getting lost in a happy moment while listening. A walking rhythm of drums and guitars brings us to the bridge of empowerment through both lyrics and music.

Jump Moon has a certain vibe to them that trails alongside modern rock music and

alternative indie. The track is such a solid staple off of their album and gives you a good

glimpse of who the band is about and what their visions is as artists. As the song comes to end, we hear the intensity of vocals and slight grit as the song finally comes to a more classic rock sound similar to that of bands like The Doors and The Who. So sit back, relax and let "Well" bring you to that happy place you're craving for.

Listen to "Well" here and get to know the band in our interview below!

Would you say that your music leans towards more of the alternative side of rock, why or why not?

The album Paranormal Activity contained many genres of music. Some songs such as “The Exchange” were slow. Other songs such as “Paranormal Activity” were more fast paced. We consider ourselves more of a rock band since we haven’t found our signature sound yet. Therefore, we can expand, and even specialize in the wide variety of sub-genres within rock. We don’t want to categorize ourselves into one genre because we see that as kind of boring. We want to connect with as many people as possible, easy way to do that… Give them more options.

Who are a few of your biggest musical influences? How have your influences impacted your music creation? 

We all grew up listening to different bands or artists. Thanks to that, the album has various styles and genres per song. Here are a couple of artist that influenced us while writing the album.

Gabriel (Bass): My main influence was Chromatics. They turn ambient music into rock music, which I found really clever. Because of the transformation from genre to genre, the bassist creates amazing bass lines, which I have inspired from and wrote my own bass lines for this album.

Mourad (Drums, Lyrics): My main influences have to be Muse and Coldplay. I grew up listening to those bands, amongst many others. Since they have been in the majority of my life, they’ve acted as a big influence when it comes to writing music, in the lyrics side as well as the melodically side. I always looked at Dominic Howard (Drummer from muse) as my idol.

Nick (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar): My main influence is Sticky fingers. They way that they combine rock and reggae music, I find that really interesting. Therefore, I used them as inspiration for input in the band and the album in order to achieve a more versatile sound mostly in vocals.

Erick (Lead guitar): I listen to mostly rock music, more specifically punk rock. Bands such as Green Day, Rise Against, bands from other genres such as: Muse, Arctic Monkeys as well as classic rock such as Def Leppard, Poison, etc… but the base has always been pure rock. Most of my guitar riffs and solos are inspired by all these bands, and many more. It’s what my dad listens, so it’s what I grew up listening. So, when it comes to writing music, that’s mostly all I know.

What is the concept of your album of “Paranormal Activity”?

The album talks mainly about a person whose being controlled and caged by his past, his emotions and his inner demons. The album starts by introducing the idea of what the person is going through in the song “Paranormal Activity” and it ends by the person being, let’s say… a slave to his demons, and can’t matters into his own hands anymore. As the album progresses we see various emotions from the protagonist such as love and hate. For example, all the love songs we have on this album always take a dark twist towards the end and that is to emphasize the point that no matter what decision the protagonist takes, the controller, let’s just call him that, always has his say and takes the final stand and makes his own mind not caring about the consequences that the person will suffer. The album ends with a deep song “the exchange” , the song basically explains how helpless the protagonist has become and how after trying almost everything to get rid of the controller he has failed, the song has to be pictured as if the scenarios the song presents are occurring in the mind of the person as he’s asking questions like: is this my end? When will this be done? Can anyone help? So, the person hopes to receive an answer before it’s the end of him. This album is to set an awareness of the effects of holding on to past demons and encourages to forgive your past and move on for a brighter and better future.

Do you plan on going on tour in the future?

It’s always been a goal of ours to perform in other places other than Toronto. To meet as many people that enjoy our music here in Canada as well as in the US, and if we are fortunate enough, visit more countries.

What was the concept behind your song, “Well”?

The song is basically a love song. It talks about the feeling of love rather than the idea, so it sparks from the guts rather than the mind. It talks about how someone cherishes the other and doesn’t want to leave them no matter what. The protagonist in that song, discovers the feeling to be loved for the first time and doesn’t know how to react to such a feeling. He starts doing the impossible to ensure that the emotion of love is real and not a hunch.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Our main goal is to release a new single “one moment” in these upcoming months. We are also looking forward to the summer, we are hoping to be performing at various festivals such as “Sound of Music” as well as “NXNE.” Other than that, simply play as many shows as we can!


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