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Junior Is The Next Breakout Artist In 2019 and Proves It With Single “Love Is Gone”

Junior is a pop singer from New Jersey who’s a sensational icon you need to keep a lookout for! “Whatever you’re going through, you know I'm coming too”, the release of Junior’s exquisite single “Love Is Gone” is a must hear bop. Junior has a suave and dynamic vocal resonance you will become addicted too. He vocally lifts the song up and takes it back down at specific moments in the song with help from a choir he hired to give the song a more explosive and impacting feeling. The choir singing in the background alongside Junior’s electric voice really helps you connect to the track on a significant level. The visuals released alongside the song had many attentive moments where you can actually envision what the song talks about. The genuine love and companionship between two people, a relationship and a mutual understanding and support is something we can all relate too. Rather we’re in a relationship, or single, we’ve either been there, is there

or is vying to be there in the future and it’s a strategic move pulled by junior. “Love Is Gone” has a high mainstream appeal and I can see many people enjoying the full on vibe he gave us!



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