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Junovxrse Tells It Like It Is On “I’m Blue Fuck You”

Junovxrse, a rising independent soul indie artist, has recently dropped her latest single, "I'm Blue Fuck You."

Born in Los Angeles, California, but raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Junovxrse's passion for music was ignited at the tender age of three when she sang at Debbie Day Care Center in Inglewood, California. Her family quickly recognized her talent and actively supported her by taking her on several acting and singing auditions throughout her childhood.

Junovxrse's love for music continued to flourish throughout her school years, where she participated in choir at Luke Elementary School and later joined the theatre and choir at Dysart High School. However, Juno's true love for music did not manifest until her high school career ended, when she began writing music.

After encountering the tragic loss of her grandmother, Viola Mae Caesar, Junovxrse stopped singing to focus on her education at Northern Arizona University. It wasn't until 2019 that she recorded her first single under her new stage name, Junovxrse. Since then, Junovxrse has been steadily producing music and carving out a name for herself in the music industry.

Junovxrse's latest release, "I'm Blue Fuck You," is a bold and unapologetic track that showcases her unique sound and style. The song is full of catchy melodic lyrics and a floaty guitar riff that gives an indie sound mixed with a classic r&b feel.

From the opening notes of the track, it's clear that Junovxrse is not holding anything back. The song's production is crisp and clean, with driving rhythms that propel the listener toward every point she makes through her lyrics. Junovxrse's vocals are confident and powerful, with a hint of sass that adds to the song's overall attitude.

Musically "I'm Blue Fuck You" is a perfect complement to Junovxrse's soulful and powerful vocals, with a gritty and edgy sound that captures the raw emotion of the message and does not shy away from addressing the harsh realities of going through the moods.

Overall, "I'm Blue Fuck You" is an honest and bold reflection of Junovxrse's journey as an independent artist and a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever faced adversity and risen above it. Junovxrse's unique sound and raw talent make her one to watch in the indie music scene, and "I'm Blue Fuck You" is a powerful testament to her artistry and resilience.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Junovxrse! Kudos to getting through the blues on "I'm Blue Fuck You," which has such a unique sound and attitude. Can you talk about the influences and inspirations behind the song and how they shaped your approach to creating it?

So my producer and business partner Majii sent me this as a reference track about 6 months ago. He’s been in LA, and I’ve been in AZ, so we have been on opposite sides of the spectrum, and he came down to work on the song, which happened to be the same weekend as valentines day. One of my last major drops was 9-5, and I wanted to transition from the oh, you’ve been on my mind to something a little different. This song is definitely for girls who feel blue or are experiencing heartbreak. I'm used to writing about love lost and love being given, so this track just felt right.

Your music often deals with themes of self-expression and empowerment. How do you hope your music can inspire and connect with listeners, particularly those who may be going through similar struggles?

I hope my music can inspire everyone of all ages to be authentic and themselves. When making music, I don’t try to mimic anyone else’s sound; I try to find my own voice through my experiences. Without them, we cannot create or become the artist we want. So I want people to hear my diary. Instead of being written down, all my thoughts are in this 1-2 minute ballad about how crazy my life is and how I'm going through regular everyday struggles like anyone else. I think that's something all ages and people can connect to.

"I'm Blue Fuck You" incorporates elements of soul and indie genres. Can you discuss your creative process for blending different styles and how you use music to express your unique voice and identity?

Oh wow, so my creative process is straightforward sometimes. I can hear a beat and start writing. I go for the smooth jazzy type of vibes. I love anything with a guitar melody or riff, and I think anyone who knows me as an artist can contest that. I also love very moody and climatic r and b. The closest inspirations would be Jhene, SZA, say grace, Alicia creates, and Nina Simone.

Your grandmother was a significant influence and supporter in your life and music career, and her passing inspired you to write and create music. How has her memory and legacy impacted your music, and how do you honour her in your work?

My grandma wanted me to pursue music. This is one of her last wishes. I think she always knew that music made me happy, and it brought out a different side of me that got me out of my depression as a kid and took me away from the trauma or things going on around me at the time. She’s one of the biggest reasons I can go out of my comfort zone, take chances with myself, and bet on myself as a musician. She’s always with me at every performance and in everything I do. So I thank God an angel is genuinely paving the way and guiding me in the right direction.

In addition to creating music, do you have any other creative pursuits or collaborations in the works that you're excited about?

Yes, I am currently building a music media company from the ground up called Karisma Collective. My platform allows many young upcoming artists and creators to showcase themselves musically and creatively. Karisma Collective aims to become the go-to platform for music enthusiasts to discover, explore and enjoy music from various genres, cultures, and eras. Our platform will provide a comprehensive and engaging music experience through curated playlists, original content, live events, and interactive features.


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