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Juno Uno Illuminates the Importance of, "Sides"

McKinney, Texas, is home to John Andrew Stallings, professionally known as Juno Uno.

Beginning his songwriting exploration through various sounds in his teen years, he began with an acoustic guitar and quickly expanded his sounds to additional instruments and eventually found a natural voice and means of communication through the electric guitar and diverse synths.

A brief move to Austin let him discover these sound palettes on a deeper level. It was there that he began writing profusely as he increased his musical vision through experimentation and focusing his energies inwards to determine his own countless realms of the mind.

Juno Uno explores a rhythmic environment that feasts upon the style of 1980’s synth forward Pop in his most recent release of, “Sides.” The musicality that he exudes is an innovative alleyway of inspirations that tiptoe between musical eras as he incorporates a little something from the melodious genres before him.

Emanating an otherworldly performance in the way that he positions each lyric he delves into, the longing in his vocals has us tracing the lyrical content thriving in a dazzling use of space. “Sides,” has us tuned into the reverberated echoes of Juno Uno’s vocalization as he is sparse with the abstract story he conveys. Allowing the instrumentation to fill in the spots where he chose for lyrics not to reside, the pacifying hues wash over us in an instance.

Joining forces with Red Zeppelin Records in order to release a song of this caliber, Juno Uno has us pulled into the psychedelic ambiance that has our head high in the clouds. Authentic with the vision he portrays, Juno Uno understands that the sonic exploration we choose to embark on with him has the destination of dreamy utopia. Carrying forth a soothing juxtaposition, Juno Uno reiterates that there are various sides to each story brought to light.

“Sides,” has us feeling all types of ways. Nostalgic is the main take away though! What is the story depicted in “Sides,” based on? What does the song mean to you?

It's really about moments of divine love between us that resonate through time and leave iconic tastes of pure soul expression. Timeless is an attribute of mysticism especially in music so that likely explains the nostalgia mentioned.

How long did it take you to create a song of this caliber? Could you please take us into some highlights from the creative process?

In total, from original inspiration to mastered studio recording I’d say the process took about 6 months of creation, refinement, and networking. When I created the first demo version I was living in an apartment with hip hop and electronic artists and I painted all day. A very fluid creative process.

What type of impact are you hoping “Sides,” has on your listeners? Is there an underlying message that is woven into the abstract words that we hear?

I hope "Sides" has an enlightening psychic impact that opens listener’s minds to the synchronicity going on everywhere all the time. To connect the listener with the vibe the music carries. Yes, there is an underlying message. I’d even say there are multiple messages. Infinite really. As far as I can tell, the world is expanding and went through a big growth recently. The song depicts my journey accepting the mystic reality I’m waking up to.

In terms of memorable experiences from your journey with “Sides,” what has been your biggest takeaway from the entire process leading up to the release?

The main idea I can take away from this process is to trust my personal talents and to accept the help and love offered from around me.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

Make music to open portals of love to connect us spiritually. I want everyone to grow together and spread positive vibes.



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