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Junovxrse Opens Up In An Emotionally Honest Single, "Down"

From Arizona to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Junovxrse takes us through a mystical journey into her sweet-sounding universe with a lush new single, "Down."

We've known Junovxrse to be that soft and gentle voice we look to when in need of some tender serenading. She embodies a certain vibe that's equally as honest as it is refreshing, and Junovxrse will stop at nothing until her emotional and relatable messages are heard.

Junovxrse recently released one of the most soothing and heartfelt songs we've heard to date, entitled "Down." In the single, listeners can hear a more intimate, vulnerable, and personal side of Junovxrse while she wears her heart on her sleeve and reminds us that all we really have in life is ourselves.

Entering the desirous and emotional single, "Down," the song softly begins with a gentle and sweet acoustic guitar sample alongside a fluttery and angelic background vocal that sets the song's intimate and heartfelt tone. As Junovxrse grooves her way in with the utmost poise and passion, she begins to expand on needing nothing from nobody but herself.

This song is incredibly vulnerable, it's like a page ripped out of Junovxrse's diary, and we couldn't be more appreciative of such a relatable song that speaks of turbulent love and post-breakup thoughts.

Before we know it, an uncredited male vocal begins to spill passionate bars that remind us of the stylings of the Toronto r&b sensation Partynextdoor. As both artists serenade us until the outro, we're left with nothing but our thoughts after experiencing such an honest and introspective single like this.

We know you're "Down" to hear Junovxrse's new single. Share the love and stream it on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Junovxrse. We truly appreciate the genuineness and honesty within your latest single, "Down." What sort of experiences inspired you to write such a vulnerable song?

Wow, thank you all for having me again. Down was actually written in Los Angeles last year during the pandemic. At that time life was so different for a lot of us dealing with this new way of covid. A lot of artists were having a hard time finding shows, making money, doing what they love. During that time moving back to LA was still fresh. I didn't have a lot of friends and I had just gone through a breakup, I felt like I was essentially starting over. It was me and the music. The song is based on a true conversation I had with an ex-friend of mine. I wanted to know if he’d be down for me? This means If I didn’t have certain attributes about myself/things that I couldn’t offer anymore, Would he still be in my life? I think we all want to know that we are surrounded by genuine people and love and that's something that I look for in my circle and gravitate towards when I'm creating music. I also talk about how music and being an artist aren't always fun. We definitely have our fair share of moments and being in an industry surrounded by different energies and people you always want to know that they have your best interest.

During your songwriting process for "Down," what thoughts and emotions were going through your mind? What was the one message you wanted to get across?

When I wrote it down I was feeling very clear-minded. I wanted this song to be a different side of me that I haven’t shown before. My 9-5 single was very upbeat and Jazzy. Down is definitely more on the R&B slow jam side of things. I got the beat inspiration from Jhene Aiko actually. Down is a song about knowing your worth and not being afraid to be vulnerable. I wanted my listeners to know that love should be unconditional and not based on what someone can provide you with. It was me questioning my self-love and the authenticity of a relationship I was dealing with. I want my listeners to hear the raw honesty. We're going to lose people and go through certain battles. But the biggest relationship we can have is with ourselves and I think it's important to always know and feel that. So I'm hoping people can really vibe with the message when they listen to Down.

Who was the featured artist in "Down"? Why did you want to add a passionate verse from a male rapper in this emotional piece?

The featured artist on the EP’s name is EJ the star Seed. He’s originally from St. Louis Missouri and was raised in phoenix. Definitely check out his music and visuals. He's truly talented. You can find EJ on all platforms. Actually, EJ wasn’t on the original take of the song. I was just going to do the whole song by myself. But I think life is all about timing and EJ and I happened to be in the same city. He came down from AZ to LA and we linked in the studio and it was very natural. He actually went in and freestyled a verse and decided to come back out and write and revise his original version. I think he added something to the song I didn’t even know I needed and I don't think people were really expecting a collaboration. But I think it came out completely dope and fluent and I'm so grateful for the magic we created. Shoutout to you EJ! Much love. You will hopefully see a visual for Down in the near future but that is currently still in the works. However, you can expect to hear more of us together in 2022... So that’s going to be really exciting!

Could you expand on what you want to represent and stand for as an artist? How does your music reflect who you are and what you want the public to know?

As I grow as an artist I feel like I'm constantly changing. I want my listeners to know that it's okay to be yourselves and to never stop peeling back your layers in this life because we only get the chance to learn ourselves once. Don't ever be stagnant and most importantly love yourself and know your worth. In 2022 I really hope to give my listeners more versatility and transparency. I'm finally coming into my sound and collaborating with artists that I never thought I would do music with. Mixing sounds and playing around with my voice. So it's really exciting to see me growing and walking in my purpose. It's so wild to see the end of the year Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms' end of the year stats. I’ve had over 1K streams since these two songs came out and I feel so humbled. Being a new artist I'm manifesting so much for myself musically and I cannot wait for you all to hear the EP and see the work that I've been putting in. Next year I'm going to take you all into my universe. Junovxrse the EP. So you all will just have to stay tuned! Thank you again, BuzzMusic.

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