Jushay Signature Displays Pure Strength in "Played Me"

Born and raised in Chicago, Singer-Songwriter and hip-hop recording artist Jushay Signature releases an empowering heartbreak anthem and accompanying music video entitled "Played Me."

The blossoming recording artist strives to impact this generation through her authentic communication style and dedication to her craft. Jushay Signature hopes listeners will feel inspired to remain their authentic selves when indulging in her powerful and fiery tracks.

Recently releasing the hard-hitting single, "Played Me," Jushay Signature expresses her vulnerability when expanding on how tumultuous relationships can leave us with depression, anxiety, and lingering stress. She perfectly reflects that in the song's music video while exclaiming that she's happy this rotten someone played her; it only gave her strength.

Hitting play on the single, "Played Me," the song opens with soft percussion arrangements and a deeply melodic electric guitar. As Jushay Signature begins to drift through our speakers with pure emotion and angst, the song's sonics glide into this heavy-hitting hip-hop arrangement that keeps the energy at a high.

Listeners can better understand Jushay Signature's powerful performance through the song's accompanying music video. While Jushay Signature sits on her couch and watches a flick of a couple, we shift into more scenes of the man betraying his partner, covering himself with excuses when he's out doing no good.

We also see scenes of Jushay Signature taking it all in, reminding herself that these trials and tribulations were only for the better. As the man returns home with a hickey, his partner bursts out the door and Jushay Signature ponders over the "film" while relating with it all too well.

Feel inspired after your time of sorrow with help from Jushay Signature's latest single and music video, "Played Me." Catch the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jushay Signature. We truly appreciate the empowering theme of your latest single, "Played Me." At what point did you feel inspired to create this inspirational and powerful track?

My goal as an artist is to always shed light on issues in society or just everyday situational problems. My duty is to connect and in hopes to help create conversations to arise communication is also apparent. In particular, this song “Played me” is beyond relatable. We all have been played and we all have played the game in our life at some point. Feeling like you’ve been done wrong is a lesson we all begin to learn from. It hurts, creates heartaches, and most importantly these situations help us all move forward. In some cases, some people always dwell and overthink and seep deeply into depression. I desire to help people by giving solutions to our everyday problems. “I'm happy you played me”, is a saying we say when we realize the situation that we’ve experienced was only “growing pains” Be appreciative of the lessons and move forward with our new blessings. Don’t allow the anxiety and stress to take over, we are in control of ourselves, so let’s not allow our mistakes to eat us alive. These are everyday struggles for most of us if not all! The great part about life is we have “Will!" The choice is ours to make us happy! So sit and go through the struggle, but just make sure you heal from it. It’s easier said than done, but there is always something needed to learn from our trials and tribulations.

Did you face any difficulties writing your bars for "Played Me," seeing as the content is incredibly emotional? Or was it more of a cathartic experience?

Yes, this song was definitely emotional for me on both ends. I’ve played and I’ve been played so seeing myself through both characters, the main male and the main girlfriend was incredibly eye-opening for me. This allowed me to see how it affects both parties and how sometimes we don’t mean to hurt other people in the process, we are freely doing what we desire. Sometimes desires take over and affect current relationships which are unhealthy to the commitment. I believe in Karma and I believe that we as people have to become more disciplined or be okay with the decisions we’ve all made because there is always cause and effect. Every decision is a step forever and unfolds a new journey. We should be mindful of the things we do and aware that everyone reacts completely differently. This entire process was very cathartic for me. In certain situations, I was unable to communicate effectively in my lifetime and this song did it for me, it allowed me to tell my story through my art which is the key to my heart.

Why did you want to portray your experiences through a film-like approach in the "Played Me" music video? What inspired the scenes of you watching these horrible situations unravel?

This is something that needs to be seen, this can act as a manual for people to learn from, and hopefully, if they are going through any of these issues, be able to move forward and let go! The film approach seemed straightforward, simple, but very complex. There are so many questions everyone would ask themselves. If you are the one being played, do I stay? Do I leave? Does my significant other love me because if so, why did they hurt me? Why am I hurt? These questions are real. The moments are real. Heartbreak is the start of learning to become independent and knowing that we all have a choice whether to stay and understand that in a relationship there must be communication because if not then the relationship is pointless. Trust, honesty and communication are important pillars in a successful or healthy relationship. Of course, there’s more, and here are my 5 ideal elements to helping us all build strong and forever bonds. Communication, Compromise, Commitment, Cooperation, and Consideration. Welcome to the healthy 5 Trust Peace Combo that will allow forever-lasting relationships. This coordination is remarkable so try it and witness the respect it will bring.

What was it like working with your team on the music video set for "Played Me?" How did they help bring your visions and ideas to life?

This was an enlightening experience because everyone on set brought out their own creativity. We tried our best to stick to the script as much as possible, but sometimes during the creative process, things are always subject to change. Everyone added to the story showing multiple struggles. As much as this song is about heartbreak and disloyalty, it’s something interesting about how we as humans use our emotions to make decisions for us. As you can see throughout the video, there’s a part where, I, Jushay Signature, am walking along a busy street and I randomly bump into strangers. This scene was to show how I as the narrator of the story am omniscient but watching the story unfold was also triggering for me too. These experiences are real and when you go through them it affects how you treat others, it's a chain reaction. It also was empowering to see how I was bumping into depression, anxiety, and stress and using it as a double entendre. This overdramatic scene was placed in the video to demonstrate how heartbreak can result in depression, stress, and anxiety, but this scene also illustrates the significance of letting go. What’s really interesting is that I was inspired by Verve, an alternative artist who created the song “Bittersweet Symphony” which was also about life and its inevitable struggles. This video was so shocking and just made you watch it from beginning to end because it was aggressive, bold, and unapologetic. It’s okay to feel depression, anxiety, and stress, but you have to learn to move forward and allow the past not to dictate your future.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My mission is to address societal and situational issues to spark conversation, express creativity, and most of all connect with all types of different people around the world. Music is an outlet to open discussion for problem-solving and coming together in harmony with one another.

What is your goal with your music 2022?

My goal is to partner with brands and different businesses that have the same goal which is to heal the world spiritually, intellectually, physically, and mentally. The next big thing on my list is NFT’s and discovering a new way to bring value to all people in a very intricate and remarkable way. #GenerationalWealth is my aim for all.