Just Six Dudes From Santa Cruz, Mundaze Releases Debut Single “Happy”

Simply put, Mundaze is six dudes making music out of Santa Cruz, California. The group first met when their individual bands began playing at the same shows and they all became friends. When they first jammed together, it happened to be a Monday, that’s where the name Mundaze was born. Mundaze’s members all contribute to the songwriting process and their unique vocal recordings are thanks to them all singing into once mic. A fan of the unconventional, Mundaze likes to record their material in strange ways. For example, making drums out of random objects around the studio or experimenting with sounds they’ve never used before. Their debut single “Happy” is out now on all major streaming platforms. 

Mundaze debut “Happy” is unusual enough to intrigue, musically skillful enough to captivate and entertain, and lyrically fascinating enough to feel genuinely new. All of this fuses brilliantly to create a sound that’s engaging, effective, and utterly unique right now. Mundaze set things up with style, progressing through “Happy” with endless levels of flair and ability. More than this though, their unity is on point, meaning the song is ready and waiting to be that addictive little anthem that gets you geared up to take on the weekend and the world with the best possible energy. Eclecticism runs wild throughout this project, though always holding close to those familiar, recognizable threads. The songwriting, the vocal performance, the mild theatrics, and clear emotion are staples through “Happy”. 

We definitely recommend giving it a listen here and keep reading for more with Mundaze.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What can you tell us about your debut single “Happy”?

Our single, “Happy” is about trying to convince yourself that you’re happy or trying to do stuff that seems to make other people happy. The lyrics mostly talk about using material things to be ‘happy’, but still find yourself in the same place as you were before those things.

What does this release represent for you and what do you hope your listeners take away from it?

This release is our first music debut, and it represents a place we all have been in and a feeling that has brought us together. We want our listeners to take away that everyone's still trying to figure out what makes them happy, and that’s ok.

How does your writing process work with a 6-man group?

We all write different parts and were all multi-instrumentalists, so every song varies. Usually, a couple of us come up with the vocal melodies and lyrics, and then we all sing parts together.

What’s the best thing that could happen for you right now as a band?

Getting out of Santa Cruz (we love our home but birds must fly)